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Scrapbooking & fancy card making is way too complicated and expensive.

Whenever I sit down to do some serious happy-note-making (usually spur of the moment ideas), there's only a few essentials I make sure are on my cluttered creative-space:

{1} Handy-dandy cutting board. This makes cutting scrapbook papers a breeze without jagged scissor lines. It's especially handy with note-paper to cut off the pink margin lines! Who has time to painstakingly cut in a straight line, anyway?

{2} A fine-tip black sharpie. The best part is doodling the recipient's name. I've found my Smashbook pen does the trick just "fine" (pardon the cheesy pun!) If all else fails, I'll drag out sharpies or fine-tip markers.

{3} Stapler. Sometimes we don't have gluesticks - and it's messy! For some reason, I really love the stapler look. Plus, I don't have to worry about paper elements falling off for the fiftieth time.

{4} Washi Tape. I used to think the washi-tape hype was a little much. After I got my first roll, I have no idea how I lived without it! It's handy for practically everything! (even doing your nails!) I especially love to seal envelopes with a bit of tape.

{5} We R Memory Keepers Albums. These little cuties are so fun, and unlike most scrapbook papers, they're heavy duty and thick. They're easy to carry around, fun to "spruce up" and make great little notes to stick into envelopes. I'm sad whenever I run out. (like. . .right now.)

Other fun things I love to grab: Fabric scraps, yarn, recycled hole-punches, baby clothespins, buttons, stamps, and of course - watercolors!

P.s. Here's a link that changed my "handwriting" forevers. Enjoy!


  1. I LOVE your scrapbooking tastes!!!!! I still have the beautiful card of encouragement you gave to me last year just before our play performance :) You also have such fun handwriting! But yes... scrapbooking, jewelry making, and any other small crafty hobby seems to get so expensive! I guess it costs someone to actually do something fun... I never really got into scrapbooking too much, but I wish I would do it more!
    Hannah Piotraschke

    1. @ Hannah - you do? Aww! That's my unofficial annual tradition I started since Willow Blues. :) And why does fun always have to cost so much?? *lets pout together*
      I don't really do "scrapbooking" either, but when I do. . .I wish I never got the urge. It's like tornado meets paper scraps and picture trimmings. :)

    2. What a neat tradition! And I bet everyone LOVES you for it :) I know, right? I seriously feel like pouting every time I walk into Hobby Lobby... "Oh cool! I love this, maybe I should buy it and start this awesome looking hobby." Look at the price tag. "NEVER MIND!" lol
      Oh yeah... that's probably one of the reasons I don't enjoy scrapbooking that much; I hate having to clean up the mess afterward! It literally takes longer to do that than it does to actually scrapbook a whole page!
      Hannah P.

  2. This makes me want to do something creative today. So thank you. :)

    1. @ Hannah Mary - go for it! (And then write a blog post about it. It makes everything feel so much more accomplished than it really is!!)

  3. Wow, these turned out really cute! I'm not in the least bit creative, so I always enjoy looking at other peoples work! Nice job. I think half the problem is that I have my head stuck in some book or study project that I don't leave enough time for the creativity to start flowing.

  4. I really like your 3D, stapled style. And your handwriting. When I go out into the big wide world, I need to buy some pre-made cards from you so I can send out birthday notes like a responsible person.

  5. I love the creativity!!!! :D I wish I was that creative. ;) The cards are cute too. :)

  6. oh I LOVE them!!!!! Need to do this sometime soon!! <3

  7. My kids always save your notes, Bethany. They're so beautiful and thoughtful--just like you!


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