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This post is for the Bailey of mine.
Confession time: I have a phobia / major dislike of people taking pictures of me. Solution? Tripods and self-timers. BTW: These were taken while burning up in a fever. And here I was thinking my headache was just from running back and forth to turn on the self-timer!

Without further incessant babbling:

 This reminds me of Lizzie Bordon for some unexplainable reason. No, I don't have an ax nearby.

(Random: THIS is how you properly focus a camera on self-timer. You're welcome.)

Guys, I'm loving photoshop and hating this pose (I just had to try it!) Can you see the tripod I managed to edit out? What even. The original was 100% Potato Creek Johnny (that's Bergmann for: really hideously overexposed and weird.)

See what I'm saying there?

I tried to not bust out laughing. I'm so hilarious though. *sheepish grin* 

 Stop to smell the dead roses. 
(I'm sorry. . .I was bruised as a baby. . .)

 I'm telling you - focusing a camera is hard. And boring!

Right. Of course. Senior portrait of being completely sick in bed with wet hair afterwards. #ThisIsWhatRealLifeBethanyLooksLike

I'll end this post by taking note of my African canvas shoes that I snagged at Maurices for $5. They literally match nothing. It's great! My dear friend Lydia informed me that they match a couch her family used to own.


  1. THESE ARE PERFECT. You pulled off the "dramatically lying on the floor" look like a pro. Didn't even notice the tripod. I lovelovelove these. And your outfit. And your shoes. And you. <3 <3 <3 Pretty sure Erich's going to have to look through all of these with me while I squeal over you again. Oh, and my friend Bethany also thinks you're absolutely gorgeous.

  2. Whoa! These photos are awesome! I don't like it when people take pictures of me either (which is sort of ironic since I'm an amateur portrait photographer ;)). I'll probably be playin' around with my tripod soon so I can have some pictures of myself.
    I love the black and white photos you took! You did an amazing job! <3

  3. BETHANY!!!!!!! Can you please come and take my senior pictures next year????? These are amazing, and you're so beautiful :) The photo with you on the ground is my favorite :) I couldn't see the tripod either.... but wait, you took all these by yourself? That is crazily unbelievable :D Oh no!!!! Are you seriously sick? Like right now? TODAY? Or were these pictures taken a while ago? Because you can't be sick today!!! We still have two more performances! Hannah P

    1. @ Hannah - Fear not! This was an ancient post in my archives that I was never going to publish until my sister asked me to. :)

  4. the third shot. so beautiful.

  5. These pictures are awesome. And so are you. And talented. And pretty. And i'm a little jealous of your hair. Just a little.
    -love you <3

  6. i. love. these. so. much. you are beautiful!

  7. Bethany, you're beautifully amazing and amazingly beautiful!

    Your face on the "dead roses" pic!

    It wasn't my Lydia, was it? Because I think I'd remember that couch. ;)

  8. Bethany, you're so pretty! :)

    Fifth from the bottom was my favorite.... :) :)

  9. Wow!!! These are absolutely beautiful! You are so beautiful and I love how you style your hair!!! You use a curling wand right?


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