How To Curl Your STRAIGHT/LONG Hair For Theater

Photo taken a day after
Ever heard of the Beachy Hair hype? I don't know about you, but it's not like I'm going to spray saltwater in my head for "perfect" beachy hair (we all know that homemade beauty recipes DO NOT work.) Besides, if I don't surf in real life, why pretend?
(I'm actually deathly afraid of the ocean, so. . .)

However, theater calls for desperate measures. I hate spending thirty minutes with a curling wand, only to have spaghetti curls at the end of rehearsals. No amount of hairspray or mousse will solve straight-long-haired-gal's curling problems. (Do I hear an "amen"?)

I found this tutorial on Maskcara for straight-haired young ladies. Acting on spur of the moment desperation bravery, I discovered it actually works. Quite well.

1 cup of warm water.
2 T. of sugar
1 T. table salt
COMB YOUR HAIR. Put the ingredients in a bottle. Shake it up. Spritz you hair. Let it dry. Tight curl with a wand. Wala. Curls forever.

I'm a lazy girl and didn't wash my hair last night. My curls are crumpled, but still just as bouncy as before (see above picture). I don't suggest sleeping in it, as the salt will rub off all over freshly laundered sheets  Yuck!
This also gave my hair amazing texture, which was helpful for keeping in bobby pins and making "big braids". All in all, I'm pretty impressed!

P.s. Guys can do this too. Ask my bro.
Actually, don't ask him. We had a traumatic twin-hair-styling-experience. :)


  1. My hair is notoriously uncurly, so I feel your pain. :P I just might have to try this!

  2. I am so sad I missed this joint styling session!! And wow....I can't believe saltwater works. I'm still getting over how Paul Mitchell Stay Strong hairspray actually kept my curls bouncier and fresher than all the other bridal party's. It was insane. When I'm alone this summer and want to pretend I'm on the beach, I'll do this to my hair. Once I find salt. And a curling wand.

  3. THIS IS SO GOOD TO KNOW. I've had short hair for forever, and I have finally grown it out. I now know the long hair struggle.

  4. Well... This awesome!!!!! I would try this if my hair wasn't too curly!!!!! It's kinda annoying... Because everyday I usually have to go somewhere, so I have to take a shower everyday to get my hair nice and curly after it air-dries. Also, if I sleep on it, it gets extremely messy and than I brush my hair and it gets all poofy and full of static!! So yeah... I want straight hair. ;P

  5. Oh My Goodness!!!!!!! I HAVE to try this :) It sounds somehow TOO easy....
    Hannah P

  6. Ok thank you so much!! I am going to be using this (on myself and my poor sister) for tech tomorrow ;)

  7. It is so easy! Tried it Monday, but the curls only stayed in for, like, an hour. So sad. Thanks anyhow! =P
    ~Marie K

  8. Thank you so much for this! My hair never curls, and even though I'm not in theater I would like to try this. :)

  9. I was SO thankful that Lydia didn't need curly hair this year! (We just braided it wet the night before for some waves.) Those foam rollers take forever, and they're so uncomfortable to sleep in! We'll try this in future productions for sure. Thanks for guinea-pigging it for us!


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