The Medieval Nightmare | Veils

When she said head coverings, I was thinking gorgeous locks of hair silhouetted by fabric billowing in the wind.
That impression, my dear friends, is fantasy.
Not medieval.

Shall we even begin to mention the horrors that existed on the heads of women when bathing once a year was sanitary?

Don't get me wrong, it's super cool to wear a medieval teepee on my head. But not with a Renaissance sleeved dress and a five minute costume change. (Did I also mention I had no pattern whatsoever? Story of my life.

Well, good luck Bethany.
Armed with a sheer curtain from Goodwill, I narrowed down the playing field to a couple of wants, needs, and no-nos.
Want: Make so I can wear my hair down
Need: Make it look noticeably medieval (no wedding veils)
No-No: No teepees, boxes, ice cream cones, chin straps, or bird cages allowed

Hope was pretty much pointless now.
Until some historically inaccurate oddball posted a picture of Padme under "medieval crispinettes" on Pinterest. (Crispinettes are cool. So long as they don't look like donuts on your ears.)

Her hair was down.
Padme-style is nowhere near historically-accurate medieval attire. But as my brother loves to point out, neither are Merry Men Yoga Pants. Since I was already wearing a Renaissance era dress, I might as well mix in some Padme and call it medieval, right?

After researching crochet snoods (I scrapped that and made up my own pattern), I twisted a circlet out of wire, threw on some fabric (broke two sewing machine needles) and wrapped it in cord. Then I spray-painted stuffing to look like "hair", wrapped that in brown yarn, starched my snood "crispinettes", shaped them, then stuck them under the feet of my bunk bed to press it into place. (I can't get over my brilliant ideas ethic when it comes to costuming. ^_^)

The result was sad. Very sad. My brother Daniel's reaction:
"What the cheesecake is that?!?"
It didn't help that my hair was Friday-afternoon-stick-straight-sadness.

So, I tight curled my hair for half an hour and set about to "styling" my pathetic excuse for medieval headgear before tossing it in the dump. I found that pinning the crispinettes lessened the donut-ear effect. Otherwise I look like Mickey Mouse gone terribly wrong.

The final product ladies and gents. I really don't know what I did, but there's no ice cream cones or sock-helmets, so I'm happy. Pardon the crazy bathroom-iPod photos.

I feel majorly slightly ridiculous parading around in old costume jewelery, curtains, donut snoods and the like. However, if one can look ridiculous and get away with it - I'll take the chance. :)

P.s. My sister and I seemed to have head-fashion problems as of late. Read her hilarious "easy" hairstyle guide for girls!


  1. Whoa. That turned out really great! Wonderful job. =) And your curled hair is really beautiful. I've tried recently to curl my hair = failure, basically. xP

    And yeah, I haven't commented on here in FOREVER, even though I check here almost every day. Thought it was time I did it again. ;)

    1. @ Bethany - I did a double take when I saw your name in comment moderation. Apparently I'm conceited enough to think I'm the only Bethany in the world and that my sisters used my account. :) ANYWAY. Hello. :)

  2. I think it's quite accurate enough!!!!! And it turned out so beautifully :)
    Wait... you didn't have a pattern for your dress AT ALL? So did you just use the pattern you borrowed from Mrs. Conto for ideas? Or did you not even end up using it?
    Hannah P.

    1. @ Hannah - Well, I drafted most of my dress pattern based on some patterns we had at home and tutorials I found online. The only "pattern" I used was the Renaissance sleeve pattern Mrs. Conto gave me. The rest of the dress pattern involved plunging necklines and empire waists...so...I scrapped that. :)

    2. Oh, okay :)

  3. Wow. I don't know if I'm more dumbfounded by what passed as medieval fashion or by Merry Men Yoga Pants. WHAT. EVEN. o.O

  4. You nailed the Natalie Portman look! ☺

  5. HA!...Daniel!

    Well, all of your hard work, trial & error...it all paid off. Your head looked gorgeous.


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