Your sappiness for the day

I know I'm sappy. Since most people don't consider this a virtue, I decide to ignore them and share the sappiness anyway. I'm the kind of girl who doodles all over the driveway, while the boy patiently watches and doodles my name as he draws chalk circles around me.
(he even played dress-up with Caroline and me - what a trooper! Even if I dressed him up as a grandma-mariachi-singer...)

P.s. In an attempt to show me how to use my ipod, this living-on-two-hours-of-sleep-boy kept taking random selfies. (Me: "Aidan, this is a horrible angle!" *facepalm*) You can tell who's more photogenic. *aherm*
Still, I smiled when I found these forgotten photos on my photo stream. ^_^


  1. Just-gah. Love you and your boy together!

  2. Awww, sounds like a sweet guy.
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