Girl meets awkward broke customer | GIF photo prompts

Newsflash: candy isn't free.
Being in possession of only one American dollar, this hungry gentleman had his heart set on jelly beans. Sad, because jelly beans are expensive and you don't get much per pound, not to mention a dollar's worth! But it is my job to please the silly fancies of customers, so I stepped up to help out.

"Just fill the jelly beans halfway to the first line. That should be about a dollar." 

"Oh, so to the first line?"

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure halfway in the real world means...halfway. Like, literally. Or is that just me?

"No. Halfway."

I pointed for emphasis. Some people have trouble comprehending things, I understand. In fact  -

"Um, the first line?"

Oh dear. He really is as pathetic as he first appeared. This was gonna take a while...

After several minutes of explaining HOW TO FILL JELLY BEANS HALFWAY, I was distracted by a herd of tourists going straight for the bulk candy and fudge samples. I didn't have time to explain jelly beans to a grown man! I mean, really! The ridiculousness of it was making me flustered.

"You know, just fill it up. I'll dump it out if there's too much, okay?"

 I gave him a winning smile and congratulated myself on ending that awkward situation.

While trying to explain the history of our store, I was interrupted by a pitiful cry from the jelly belly machine.

"How does this work!?"

I'm groaning inside.

"Levers. They're levers. Pull on it."

The candy store ambiance was broken by a waterfall of jelly beans...

Full bag of jelly beans in tow, the broke gentleman comes for free fudge samples.

Tourists are amused.
 I'm ready for him to leave.
After the fourth sample -

"How many samples can I have?"

Okay. I'm officially feeling embarrassed for this strange stranger eating all my fudge.

"You can have one more."

I focus on dumping out 2 1/2 pounds of jelly beans (about $17 dollars worth.) Naturally, I dump them all over the floor. Tourists snicker. I inwardly groan and measure out $1 worth of those nasty jelly beans. With tax, it comes to $1.35.

"Oh. I only have a dollar!"

I charitably pull out the tip jar.

"It's okay, I'll cover you for the .35 cents."

"Can I have this for free?"

"Uh, no."

"It'd be nice if I could have this for free."

"Sorry...but we don't give out free jelly beans....?"

 Awkward laugh. 
Okay, it's official.
Get out of my candy store.

"I'm coming back on my birthday. Then you have to give it to me for free."

"Okaay. Sounds good."

Tourists exchange awkward glances. Man finally leaves. I reluctantly ask,

"Does anyone want a fudge sample?"


  1. I had some of the same experiences when I worked at a coffee shop. I told a customer that I put sugar in his coffee for him, and that rascal promptly asked me if that meant we were married? The man was over 60. (shiver)

    Then one time a homeless guy came in and stood in front of the counter, He was at least 23, and its not like there weren't job opportunities ALL OVER TOWN and asked me if I could just give him some food, when he had been told several times before that no, you could not have an food for free. He was more of a bum than homeless, him and his buddies would just go from store to store doing this, and because our shop was new, we were obviously a main target. I mean, 23? Go get a job already.

    People sometimes though.

  2. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that stinks. :) But it makes for a good blog.

  3. That is *so* awkward. Sounds like you coped with it well, though! Also I congratulate you on your impeccable GIF use.

  4. Oh my word. Man, he would not give up! Loved this post! The gifs are spot on. :D

  5. Oh my word! That is hilarious, Bethany! hahaha You poor girl! That must have been hard. :) Very diplomatic on your part, however :) So fun being able to share your life through your blog!

  6. A grown man actually did this? Wowww. Some people.

  7. BAHAHAHAHA! Oh, dear. I don't miss working retail. Or do I? Wow. This was great. The gifs were perfect. :)

  8. Haha maaaan that sounds painful!


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