Happy Seven Roses Day!

Once upon last year on this very day, I tripped over love without looking for it.

2013 marked a milestone for me: I had decided I was going to be an old maid when I grew up. 
I don't know what it is about sixteen-year-old girls worrying about Mr. Right, but I was one of them. My prospects looked grim. I wasn't going to college and I disliked boys in general. I knew no one of interest (in that area, at least) and small town chances of actually meeting someone were slim. If I didn't find a boy now, it was never!
News flash: I didn't find a boy. Spinster I be.

I like to journal thoughts in poetry. Weird, yes? Yes.
However, such a habit did give me $75 in a writing contest, so it's occasionally useful.

Anyway, I was an extremely self-conscious girl. Don't believe me? Here's the words straight from my sixteen-year-old self:
I’m convinced
That I’ll always be
A spinster because
Nobody likes me
I’d always hoped
My lack of looks
Would turn around
Like those in books
Perhaps the inside
Outweighs the out
I’d get better
Yet that I doubt
I’m not pretty,
I’ve not found
A single person
Who’ll stay around
Charm is deceitful
Beauty is vain
Yet that always
Was a spinster’s refrain

(Just read and refrain from commenting on the wonky rhythm. It wasn't meant to be published all over the internet.)

Now that the stage has been set, let's fast forward to October. This is the month I decided to come out of my shell and do something silly: I decided I was going to be Anne Shirley in our home school production of Anne of Green Gables.

You just don't get the main role when I you're five years too old and twenty years too shy. Do hard things, folks. I slaved over my audition the entire month beforehand. Thank you backyard trees - you were such a wonderful audience!

Dreams come true - I got the part! My elation deflated when I remembered. . .Gilbert Blythe.
I didn't want to "fall in love" with a twelve-year-old kid who was shorter than me. Our group has limited male selections, and we rarely have new comers. The only boy my age was my twin brother. Our group is also careful about theater that involves love of any sort - usually siblings get cast together.

Gilbert Blythe, however, wasn't twelve and he wasn't my brother. Some Aidan Durie (weird name, I recall) whom I had never met in my entire life. The extent of my knowledge of this stranger was: I knew he had dark hair and that he wore converse shoes.

Hoo-Roar for exhausted stage-makeup!
We laugh at the first time we ever met at play practice. We ended up sitting next to each other (I died) and he tells me that he accidentally touched my leg while we sat cross-legged on the floor. He died of mortification. We didn't say anything.

Actually, we didn't say anything for the first two months. I had this really bad feeling that I was going to be a goose and have a major crush on this cute Gilbert Blythe. In Bethany world, crushes are an unforgivable sin that deserve eternal self-lectures.

What can I say? What silly sixteen-year-old Anne Shirley isn't going to fall for Gilbert Blythe with his deep voice and the really gentle way he calls her carrots? I could barely break a pretend slate over his head for fear we might make eye contact!

I hopelessly fell in love.
It was that silly sort of love when you don't even know the person and you feel 100% teenage girl stupid.

And then, as what always happens, I was told he liked another girl. 

Happy feelings gone.
Lectures commence.
Determination to hate boys forever ensues.
Sobbing in the dark.
Denial that I still really like him.
Realization that I still like him and it's been five months.
Knowing I'm stupid but I don't care anymore.

Civil War Ball and the Virginia Reel
 Then I discovered an impertinent boy who talked about Macaroni and Lyme's disease and kept sitting next to me. Odd.
He asked questions about my future, what I liked, and stuff like that. At Green Gables, he was always in the wings of the stage watching my scenes.

I cautiously/casually tricked my twin brother (who knows everything) into telling me if Aidan actually cared for me. I pretended I knew he "liked me" (ha) and approached Christian on the subject. He began a whole rant on how Aidan was bonkers about me and how he just laaaaaugggheeed.

I laughed too and issued Operation Hate Boys. No one would ever guess sensible Bethany was head-over-heels-crying over Aidan Durie.

Civil War Ball a month or two later had me eating pizza in the dark with my twin - again - and confessing the truth: ugh, I'm dying over this boy and I'm seventeen and stupid.

It doesn't matter because I was seventeen, I don't date, and I was never going to see him again after performances. Why do I even care?

Another amazing photo captured in the middle of singing. Awkward.
After "Wondering Why We Can't Be Sweethearts" three performances in a row, we said farewell. I hugged him good job as we all hugged each other and cried that our production of six months ended.
That’s when I noticed he was acting really strange.

He reminded me a magician pulling flowers out of a hat. Except, Aidan pulled seven roses from behind his back and presented them to me. What the—
“Roses are red,” he began.
(Me: what on earth is going on?)
“Violets are blue,” he continued.
(Me: someone help!)
“I know this is crazy,”
(Me: what?!?)
“But I like you.”

I did not see that coming.
That was really weird.

I honestly don’t remember what I said. I do specifically remember thinking, oh my goodness don’t just stand there! Say something!
I think I laughed. I was completely shocked and embarrassed and flabbergasted all at once.
And then I knew I had to tell him.
I just had to! (Stupid teenage girl train of thought for the win!)

I half dragged him back to the high school doorway – and we ran smack into Mrs. Durie.
Okaaaaaaaaaaay, awkward. Just kidding!

I grabbed Josie Pye instead, and we made a run for it to the dressing rooms.

“I cannot believe that just happened,” I groaned (still clutching my roses!), “but the terrible thing is: I like him too! What am I going to do?”


  1. Awww! hahaha I have the same spinster phobia! HAHA but.. I've pretty much gotten over it. God has someone if He has someone. If He doesn't, best plan for my life is to be a spinster! YAY! lol But so sweet! Awwww I can't stop smiling!


  2. Oh my goodness! This is soo sweet! That is exactly how I would be. When you said "crushes are an unforgivable sin that deserve eternal self-lectures." I was like,"Ahh, that's me!" Thanks for sharing! <3

  3. Aww, so cute!! It's just like a beautiful story; God is the best Author!!

    And about your poem, when you said, "I'm not pretty.", I was like "WHAT!?!?!" You're gorgeous! I thought about saying so on your senior photo shoot fails, but I thought maybe it was too creepy since I don't know you. But to heck with that! You're beautiful!!!


  5. ALSO


  6. Your sweet, sappy, true, perfect love story is the BEST!!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing :) I think this is my favorite post of yours so far.
    And poetry! Your random short poem was so adorable! I do the same thing... somehow, I find it easier to sort and organize my thoughts through a mad jumble of words that can sometimes sounds pretty together :)
    Hannah Piotraschke

  7. Your poem is hysterical, especially the spinster's refrain part. LOLed so hard! This is such a cute story!!! :D

  8. O Bethany, That so sweet and romantically stomach stirring. You should totally write a book about your whole life when your a old married women:) Erin M xoxxooxoxoxoox

  9. This is quite adorable. ♥ I really liked reading it. What happened next?!

  10. May I just say... cutest blog post ever!!! :D

  11. Aw.... This is the cutest story ever!!!!! I literally was giggling while reading it. :D But.... What happened next? Can you make your next blog post a part two kind of thing? ;P

    1. I know right!!
      She is probably just making suspense for us.........(wink wink!)

    2. I know, it is the most adorable story EVER!!!

  12. *Refresh*...*Refresh*...*Refresh*...Where are you?!?!?!

  13. This is the most darling thing ever. Playing Anne and Gilbert? Him telling you he likes you in poem form? CAN'T HANDLE THE CUTE.

  14. Oh my goodness! I died over the poem Aidan said! I knew he had said one, but I didn't know what is was.....lol You two have the cutest love story ever. :) Second part coming soon? XD
    --Emma Durie

  15. Well, I have to share that I, his mama, was accessory to the roses plot. :D While Aidan was needed on & backstage, he sent me to reserve the flowers for him as he couldn't get away, but wanted to make sure they would be available for him after the performance. As I walked up to the table to purchase them for him, I realized that it was MRS. BERGMANN attending the flowers. I was laughing my head off inside at the irony of it all. I believe she had her suspicions then, as she had a funny little smile on her face. But I couldn't give away Aidan's secret yet. :) And somehow, I think I was almost as nervous and giddy as he was, remembering the new feeling of what it was like to be hopelessly in love, and uncertain about everything.

    1. Funny! Just another facet in the gem of their story. =)

      Also, this explains why the roses were gone on Sunday when I went to get some for Lydia & Samuel.

  16. WOW!!!!! Love story begins with Anne (with an E) Surely and Gilbert Blythe!!!!! Amazing!!!!I I wish you two the best of luck in your relationship !!!

  17. P.S. your roses are still so pretty!!!

  18. I'm not even going to say I told u so Bethany but u know the conversations we had and I will forever laugh and yes u will not be a spinster but wait who will I spend my days with never mind I got my own little corner
    Love ya ttyl I hope
    From Erica Danielle

  19. I want to hear the rest!! I mean, I kinda knew it but things are better when they're official. EEEKK! (I know, I keep saying that but yeah)

  20. This is so, so cute. Oh my goodness. I can't handle it.

  21. So basically.... I was at Han's Brain Lint and I somehow ended up here and just spent the last half hour immersed in a wonderful story. Like really. It just hit me. I was scrolling down your blog and got sucked in and here I am I I love you people.


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