Seven is the Charm | Part 2

All I wanted to do was talk to him, but I was bombarded all evening.

I lamely said goodbye (be still my soul - we must part!) but he quickly solved our communication issues before Christian had time to complain about my dawdling.
Aidan: "Is it okay if I email you?"
Me: "Uh, sure...?" quickly dodges away before he sees me blush or something.

He went home beaming.
I went home and flopped on my bed and freaked out.
I just agreed to email a boy! He likes me! He actually likes me! What does that mean? Why am I so weird? Sleeeeeep! Agh. He likes me!

Mom was promptly informed early next morning of everything. I always found mother-daughter talks insanely awkward, but they're actually not as intimidating as they seem. She laughed and assured me that Aidan was a fine young man and that seventeen-year-olds are perfectly within reason to "get to know" a boy.

Oh, by the way, she gave him the roses.

Permission granted - I raced upstairs to check that email of mine.
(now do you think I'm a silly girl?)
He just about fulfilled all my expectations of a gentleman in one short little email:

". . .I don't really know how you feel about this, or what you think of me. I don't expect you to tell me either. You are a great friend to me and it makes me really happy just to be around you. I'm not asking you out or anything. I just think you are super cool and I hope to stay in touch. Now that the musical is over, I'm not sure how often I will see you. That is why I asked to email you. Just so we can stay in touch, and maybe get to know each other better. If this sounds like something you don't want to do, please, tell me. I will respect your wishes fully."

After our first email, he suggested we snail mail.

I happened to see him that very night and he slipped me his address *indiscreetly* in front of all my friends (it never occurred to him to just email it to me.) I was so mortified about the whole deal that I promptly went home, cried, and tore it to pieces.
P.S. I'm fickle.

It's okay, I slept and re-thought things.
I also dug his address out of the trash can, and finally told my sisters so they wouldn't wonder why I had a letter from Aidan Durie. I didn't tell my best friend until a month later.
I was terrified of what people would think!

Never before have I sent emails that take me three hours to write - and I type fast. We emailed at least twice a day (twice a day!) and never missed a single day for at least a month. Email led to Skype, which led to texting, which led to we need to get together sometime. I was completely intrigued by this fellow I hardly knew, and was absolutely overwhelmed when I discovered we had about 99.99% of everything that matters in common. Minus sardines.
P.s. I don't suggest going so overboard as we did. But that's right, just the facts. The plain, simple, homely, un-embroidered facts of our infatuation.

After a few family visits and the like, we began asking ourselves - what are we really trying to achieve here?

Another mommy talk later, she informed me that she considered us dating. Dating - she said - was just two people who interact like normal people and whatever happens happens. Aidan was officially granted access to the Bergmann household.
I sorta freaked out. #storyofmylife

He introduced me to his family (an I-would-love-to-be-dead nervous moment!) and we just progressed as any friendship would. We grew from acquaintances with unfortunate crushes to best friends who adore each other.
P.s. His family is too amazing to be true. His parents married young, and his mommy was a wonderful encouragement to frazzled me.

After all the rainbows and unicorns, we had a few squabbles (okay, a lot) and there was the time Aidan tried to cure my anxiousness over my senior year by asking me to marry him (I said no and couldn't believe what kind of weirdo asks like that. I've since forgiven him, and we laugh about it now. You have permission to laugh, too)

The infamous, "will you marry me" day when I almost cried from complete embarrassment
Can I just throw it out there, that it's weird "dating" someone when you've known all along that you're going to marry him and you're only seventeen? Please imagine how much I freaked out over this.
P.s. I decided I was going to marry Aidan before I had even talked to him. Don't judge, I already killed myself over such *thoughts* a bajillion times. Again, just the facts.

Aidan began working full-time for his Dad's electrical business and started his first year of "apprenticeship" (whatever that's called.) He was busy becoming a man, and I was busy with my Senior year.

Eating birthday pizza!
The boy turned eighteen (yay!) and we decided we were getting married next year.
That escalated quickly, you're thinking.
As weird as it sounds, I had no future plans and we both knew the inevitable. There were no shut doors, God was there, and life is short - what's to stop us from getting married?
P.s. This sounds weird, but you must understand that when you know you've found you're guy, waiting for no reason is just dumb. I don't advise getting married young, but even the Apostle Paul doesn't advise waiting for no reason, either. We're all human here.

That's why the waitress gaped at the seventeen-year-old and eighteen-year-old sitting with the girl's parents and a pile of brochures containing info on "why-we-can-and-should-get-married-next-year." My parents surprisingly agreed!

P.s. I'm not joking about the brochures.

We adopted Aidan for everything. Even Christmas caroling!
Then Aidan's dad had an injury which slowed the electrical business. Aidan was out of work temporarily and things just got stressful. (Aidan also tried to grow a mustache. A considerably horrid idea. My sister *did* give him a mustache cup, though.)

My parents were rightly concerned of  any marriages in the next year and pointed out some financial stuff we needed to reconsider. My parents blessing and support are important to me, so I cried and gave up.

However, Aidan decided we were getting married next year and decided to fulfill the expectations of my parents, even if it killed him.
I remained skeptical.

In a span of two months, he moved out, got the most insane factory job ever, and proceeded to start a place of his own. By this time, he was working part time with his dad and full-time + over-time with a plastic factory.What a guy. Diligence for the win!

He makes supper all alone. Broke my heart. ♥
It was only two months ago, but it's amazing how those two months brought us so much closer. For starters, he lived in my hometown. He was constantly invited over. The stress of working two jobs and living alone showed the "real-life" in both of us.

He can be crabby. I can be irrational and judgmental.We were both capable of being jerks and ignoring each other.

Dealing with conflict and learning to love selflessly was something we kept learning over and over again.Thank goodness for long walks and millions of Kleenexes!
(I learned that this boy forgives me unconditionally, which made me cry under the apple tree and wonder why I ever doubted.)

 As my eighteenth birthday dawned, I approached my parents with "marriage" again. My mommy (oh, mom I love you!) was concerned about how young we are, but still understanding. Aidan and I were both frustrated from "wondering" and she saw that.

Both our parents had a pow-wow a week ago and agreed that we had their blessing to move on as we saw fit (eeep!)

P.s. Can I mention right now that it was so awkward when people asked me my after high school plans? It's not like I go around blaring, "I'm getting married." 

May 5, 2015: Happy Seven Roses Day!

Aidan was working all week. I decided to chronicle our special "anniversary" in a blog post, never suspecting that Aidan was not working and had gone ring shopping with my sisters the day before!

The setting was so romantic: I was cleaning the bathroom.
I had phone-in-pocket waiting for Aidan to call me on "break" so we could say hello on our special day. Disappointingly unromantic, but I understood.

There was a knock on the wall.
Gilbert Blythe asks,
"Anne Shirley? I wish to speak with you Anne Shirley!"

I just about died, ran out of the bathroom squealing, and got chemicals all over Aidan's plaid shirt. He wished me a happy Seven Roses Day while I babbled nonsense. He waited patiently in the hallway while I insisted on finishing cleaning up my mess in the bathroom.

I guess the rest is history! We went on a lovely walk to the railroad tracks, I got sunburned, and Aidan got on his knees and pulled out the loveliest ring ever! Girls, it doesn't matter if you suspect proposal or not, I completely lost my breath and my words even though I suspected all along! It was absolutely dreamy. :)

Everyone was busting from excitement at home, and we promptly drove to Appleton to get the ring refitted. Princess treatment, I'm telling you! The employees at the jewelry store squealed and canceled all other ring-fittings to get mine resized in three hours instead of four days, so I could immediately go home and show everyone!

 Did I mention the ring has seven diamonds?


  1. OH MY WORD!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS, BETHANY!!!! I've been reading your blog for several years & you would think we've meet by the way my heart is rejoicing for you! I pray many many many blessings for you and Aidan & may the Lord continue guiding you both!!!

  2. :)))))) This post makes me so happy! I am so excited for you and Aidan!

  3. This is so exciting! Congratulations to you both!

  4. OHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! *squeal* Oh my! Oh! I am so excited! lol I JUST started following your blog and I am beyond excited! Oh wow! I can't even! I had no idea you guys were planning on marriage already! That is totally cool! I am so excited! lol So romantic! YAY! Blessing and prayers a thousand times over!

    Still grinning like a sap,


  5. OHMYGOSH!!!!!!! So, so, so cute!! And I screamed at the "seven diamonds"! Congratulations to you and Aidan!

  6. Okay, so you might already know this according to Hannah, but I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED FOR YOU :):):) Seriously, I have never been more happy about such a perfect match as I am with you and Aidan. You're the sweetest, most fun girl ever, and I've always looked up to Aidan as a big brother (even like six years ago when I was a whole head taller than him LOL). Your ring is gorgeous! And oh my goodness... seven roses, seven diamonds, Anne of Green Gables, Gilbert Blythe, musical quoting love story... can this get an more romantic???????? I seriously can't stop giggling since Hannah emailed me last night!!!! When I first learned you were dating, I was so surprised and happy. When I found out you were engaged, I almost cried! Now I can only THINK about your wedding day, and I can totally see you walking down in your wedding dress, all your sweetest dreams piled into that one special day... your day...
    *LOVE* ~~~ Hannah Piotraschke

    1. @ Hannah - you almost cried?! Aw, you sweetheart! I can't wait to see all my girlies and scream!!

  7. OH MY GOODNESS! Congrats! That is such a sweet story...I'm nearly in tears.

  8. this is THE BEST love story EVER!! congratulations!!!

  9. That's so incredibly sweet, Bethany!! You two make such a cute couple :)


  11. Oh my gosh, jut like my sister Rebekah I freaked out when I got to the seven diamonds. SO romantic! And on the roseiversary. Just perfect.

  12. I love this post!!!!! I'm so happy for you!!!!!!!!! :D I'm literally jumping up and down right now. ;P

    1. I also wanted to say.... One year he gives you 7 roses... The next year he gives you 7 diamonds!!!! That is just too romantic. ;D

    2. Well, Aidan insists that seven is the perfect number in the bible, so he *had* to get me seven roses!

    3. Oh okay!!!! I was about to ask if there was a significant reason for the number seven :) That's neat!

  13. You tore up his address.


    This is why big sisters shouldn't go to school...to prevent little sisters from freaking out of the normal occurrence of nice boys falling in love with amazing girls. I am so incredibly excited for you! I loved reading the behind-the-scenes of everything. Good grief, it's gone by so fast! Wasn't it like just yesterday when you were confessing you were in love and I was literally freaking out alone on the top bunk about my little sister LIKING SOMEBODY?!

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  15. Ok, so I've tried to comment three times already and my laptop keeps spazzing. Yay technology. If my four comments randomly appear later I apologize for spamming.
    Anyway, BETHANY I AM SO STINKING EXCITED FOR YOU AND AIDAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like I know you just from the two years I've been reading your blog and I've been freaking out all morning just as if of my friends had gotten engaged. You and your boy are a wonderful couple and I just can't believe that God has blessed you in such a wonderful way. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *happy squeals and shrieks for Bethany*

  16. Congrats!!!! I can't believe MY Anne Shirley is getting married! Wishing u 2 all of God's blessings! @Aiden, I look up to this girl, so take care her! ARGH!!!! CONGRATS! (THIS POST OF URS MADE ME GO NUTS!!!!

    1. Josie Pye, how gracious of you! ;) (Love you, Marie!)

  17. So wait. You finished cleaning the bathroom first?

    One of my favorite parts about you all caroling at our house was seeing your Dad in a Santa hat. Awesome.

  18. @ Olivia - your comment made my day! Thank you!!

    @ Marie - I love you!!!! Agh. I was actually dying to tell you sometime. You're just one of those girls who's a breeze to talk to! Can't wait to see you at the cast party!!!

    @ Mrs. Green - I finished cleaning the bathroom. Haha! My dad is actually pretty laid back when it comes the wearing Santa hats!!

  19. Thank you for all the sweet comments! It's been enjoyable reading through them all. Our internet security blocksu blog for dating, so I'm having a hard time responding to you all. But THANK YOU! You guys are the best!

  20. Ah!! Bethany, I am so happy for you!! I just found out today and I am so excited!!!!! Congratulations to you and Aidan!!!!! And can I just say that you two have such a great story of how you met? You are totally the Anne to his Gilbert!! Congrats!! :)

  21. I'm so incredibly happy for you! It's not every day someone gets engaged to a Gilbert Blythe. (It's not everyday you can say you actually married one!) Btw, LOVING this new design. It's so you!

  22. GOSH BETHANY. Congrats on getting engaged to your Gilbert Blythe :) This post is so darling and it's obvious that you are completely perfect for each other. Goodness gracious. Thank you for sharing your story.

  23. I know this is an old post, but I just read part one and two of your love story, and it's the most adorable, funny, sweet story I've read lately! <3 (Also, I'm a big Anne of Green Gables fan.) I totally stumbled upon your blog by chance and am going to have fun looking around at your other posts. :D


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