starting from scratch

Did I mention I'm eighteen, marrying an eighteen-year-old who lives in a half-empty apartment?

Right. The practical-ness of being engaged-to-be-married kicks in.
My mother is a dream future-home coordinator + tag along financial-adviser. She made me an entire five pages of "put this on your registry" or "go find a good deal."
My daddy is the supreme sweetheart, renting Uhauls to help tote away my hope-chest haul. (see what I did there?)

Consignment stores: hit or miss. They're either creepy + overpriced, cute + overpriced, or normal + overpriced. However, Aidan and I managed to snag a $700 super sturdy (and utterly adorable!) bedroom set that basically crossed everything off our "to buy" list. Minus mattresses and bedframes.We went to a real furniture store afterwards just to see how good of a deal we got for a 6-bedroom set. It was a good deal. We found flimsy dressers for $600. Eep. Let's not even mention the crazy $300 headboards on sale!

Craiglist: you can find good deals on Craiglist - but finding the owner can be odd. Especially if it involves abandoned warehouses that look a little...creepy. Did I mention that trying out mattresses is actually fun!?

WEEKLY SNEAK PEEK / $0.50 Frames painted with chalkboard paint I found in the depths of the storage room.


  1. Awesome!!! So you're decorating your apartment? That sounds like fun. ;) Maybe you should try the ReStore. There are some in Green Bay area, and one in Shawano. We get a ton of cool stuff from there. :)

  2. Oh I can't wait for pictures of wedding, apartment... EVERYTHING! I am so excited! lol

  3. eeeek I love it! (I'm pretty sure I start every comment on your blog with that phrase now.) Your pre-wedding adventures are so entertaining. and yes, i stalked your pinterest wedding board too.

  4. $700?! Oh, my word. I was planning on eating on the floor, using cardboard boxes for end tables, and sleeping on an air mattress. You're actually buying real furniture. I can't wait to see the apartment in real life when I come up!!

    1. @ Bailey - well, I made about $1,000 from my small candy job + $1,000 in essay money....soooo....I figured that's my budget for super-long-term-investments.
      But still.
      $700. is a lot.
      And then there's mattresses (which are meant for millionaires. seriously. ugh. way too expensive for ordinary people), wedding bands (GOLD IS EXPENSIVE!!), and the like. :) Oh. And couches are expensive, too. meep.

  5. I can't wait to see how this all progresses!

  6. Aww your bedroom set is adorable! :) And you said it about finding Craigslist owners...it's a miracle if they even respond to your email. XD


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