weddings. what are those?

I never planned my wedding by age two. 
Pinterest wedding boards made me sheepish. Now, as I ignorantly plan a wedding in three months, I regret my unenamored-teenage-wedding-planning-years. Ugh.
(I was going to be a spinster, remember?)

 I *do* have a snazzy notebook full of "wedding ideas". Note the word: ideas. I'm extremely indecisive. Just ask the lady at the jewelry store when Aidan and I went wedding band shopping. Hopeless endeavor.

 I *did* pick out my wedding party and made some cute little cards. I figured if I sent out color schemes (paint cards from Wal Mart!), I couldn't double guess and change it a bajillion times.

 My homemade envelopes. I keep forgetting to give them out!

 My lovely Grandmama has tabs on my hope chest and sent me happy pots from QVC. I'm officially set on kitchenware! Aidan and I just need to go furniture shopping...for everything.
Which is okay, as long as I get to hold his hand and get lost in Goodwill.

However, mom and I are the queens of snagging great finds at rummage sales (and finding old stage coaches too!) My theme is Anne of Green Gables / Someone's Trash is Somebody's Treasure / Vintage / Happy / Paper Flowers / Bunting / Pretty Frugality. 
 I'm pretty sure that's not a legitimate theme. But whatever.

Aidan and I found location, had our first marriage counseling session with my Pastor, drafted a guest list (that was forever!) and found a self-volunteered wedding coordinator. She already calmed me down about UGH.I.DON'T.KNOW.WHAT.I'M.DOING.HELPLESSNESS.

Did I mention I love bunting? I calculated I'd have to cut 3,300 triangles of 7.5 inches width for 550 yards of bunting.

I'm going to go get more coffee. 
If you're bored - you can browse my newly created pinterest board for all things wedding.

P.s. I'm still super excited to get married young and plan a wedding in three months. Don't get me wrong. It's crazy fun + intimidating. And I have a wonderful excuse to spend hours with my fiance and figure out gift registries. As Aidan likes to say, "We'll still come away married! So don't worry."


  1. Awwww so much fun! Wow in three months?! That is awesome! I'm so happy for you! :) Have fun! :D

    1. @ Ruth - I know. It's crazy enough to tell people you're engaged before you *officially* graduated. And it gets even weirder when you tell them it's in three months. People think we're insane. ;)

  2. Aww! You're wedding is going to be so sweet and beautiful - you're so creative!

    Congratulations, again! <3

    1. @ Kara - We'll see. I'm sure there will be plenty of "look what I did to this old picture frame" posts. :)

  3. Aw... So awesome!!! It's going to be so pretty!!!! You've become wedding crazy!!!! ;P

  4. Hold on to Aidan's hand and Aidan's advice about still coming away married. He's so right, love dove. If you only have 300 triangles worth of bunting and a mismatched theme, WHO CARES?! I won't care. Nobody will care. We'll care that you're happy with your lover. You've got three months left of being single and home with your family. Invest in that, invest in your counseling sessions, invest in your Aidan boy, and most importantly invest in your relationship with Christ. All that gets radically changed with marriage, so I hear. ;) THAT'S way more important than any wedding deco.

    P.S. Call the compassionate sister hotline any time.

    P.P.S. Personally, I want MORE pictures and MORE updates on your wedding planning!!!!

    P.P.P.S. MY CARD DIDN'T COME IN THE MAIL YETTTT! Bugger boo. :'( (I've kind of been hovering around the mailbox all day.)

    1. What she said. ^^^ Exactly. (Except the card part.)

      Also, it's *your* wedding. Do what *you* want! Theme--schmeme.

      I like short engagements, because once you know...you *know*, you know?

      (I'm still so thrilled to my toes about all of this!!!!!)

  5. Sounds like you have AMAZING ideas!!!!! You'll do a great job with planning everything, don't worry ;) You're always so creative and quick to come up with those simple touches that add so much to everything you do. Your wedding is going to be the perfect wedding, because it will be your wedding :D
    SO HAVE FUN and just keep smiling!!!! Hannah

  6. I love it all! Please please please keep posting updates! I want to experience it all!



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