DIY Wedding Invitations!

I decided from the beginning that I was going to design/print my own invitations, then cross my fingers and hope they didn't look too homemade. Quirky, but not homemade.

Let's be honest. People are just going to throw away invitations, so it isn't worth the big bucks. Even the Walmart Value Pack was too expensive! After designing for Miss Lindsey, I felt pretty confident when it came to wedding invitations. It's just like any other Microsoft Word endeavor! (right?)

It came down to the essentials
  • Textured white paper for the invitation + RSVP card = $10
  • Textured brown paper for fancy little tags to tie it together = $1.97 (on sale!)
  • 100yds of raffia to tie it together = $2.00 (40% Joann coupon!)
  • Random pretty scrapbook papers = $0 (from my stash)
  • Free Font Specials (Chapaza, Church in the Wildwood Ornaments, & Sudestada) = $0
Total: $15.00 that I covered with an ancient Joann Fabrics giftcard.
(the only real cost was the stamps and envelopes.)

I spent an entire day designing the invitations. I printed two invitations per 8 x 11 page and added an *invisible* line for easy cutting. The same day, I designed the RSVP cards and the tags, then scheduled a invitation-cutting party with some of my bridesmaids.
well. my sisters and best friend. :)

(I think the secret to great design is MARGINS. I measured the margins between every single line about a million times. Plus, I discovered how to gradient a font - which I think looks more professional than straight printing.)

 I decided (very rashly) to sew borders in fun colors around the invitations, and to keep the RSVP cards + scrapbook paper together. 

It took three days.
(it'd already been two days of designing + cutting stuff out. ugh.)

 I called in special forces for hole punching and cutting raffia. Aidan was such a sweetheart to my insistent invitation presentation style, but he insisted there must be a better way to cut raffia. Here he is with his homemade raffia-dispenser station made of pajama pants, spools of thread, and masking tape. Brilliant Boy. ^_^

Poor guy. :) We teamed up the rest of the day putting together 120 invitations. It took forever. (But short enough to reward ourselves to see the $5 showing of Jurassic World.)

And then they were done. Not mailed, but done (which was an accomplishment of itself.)
My favorites were the ones with the accent yellow scrapbook paper...which I forgot to take a picture of. Too late, since they're all mailed away!! *HAPPY DANCE*
(I'll spare you the sob story about address labels. ugh.)

Here it is all separated! (btw, those are my colors in case you were interested.)
Do it.
If you have a week to spare. ;)

P.s. Here's the last straggler of the bridal shower invitations! (the bunting rather died on this one...but I promise they turned out cute!)


  1. those are so cute! go you for having the patience for that :-)

  2. I love your invitations! They're so beautiful and unique, and the price can't be beat! (I love finally getting to use ancient gift cards.)

    1. @ Aemi - I think that's my new hobby. Using old giftcards. :)

  3. OH MY WORD THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I love your colors & they are so cute! Wonderful, wonderful job!

    1. @ Rosi - thank you! I spent hours contemplating the yellow *and* on the invite, and now I wish I would've changed it. But oh well. ;) They're fine with me. :)

  4. You are quite amazing! How did you have the patience?

  5. those are adorable! fun to read your wedding updates and makes me think more of mine as I come to celebrate 1 year of marriage!! (it is worth it in the end just don't let the little things - & big wedding things - rob you of the relationship now!) marriage is amazing!

  6. I think it's time to get a patent on the raffia dispenser before someone else snatches it up. Then...? Shark Tank!

    Seriously though, I love, LOVE the invitations. They're so pretty and creative and *inviting*--which is how invitations *should* be, right?

  7. WOW, Bethany! I can't wait to see them in the mail box!!! You did an amazing job; I'm so excited about August 1st!!!!!!!!!!! :D ~~~Hannah

    1. @ Hannah - I can't wait for August 1st either. :) :) We can both be excited. :D

    2. Haha :) Well, I think I can safely, for sure, absolutely, "this-is-quite-obvious"ly say that you are WAY more excited than I am :D I can't begin to imagine how you must be handling your crazy brain right now; YOU ARE GETTING MARRIED!!! I'm so excited, simply because I keep thinking about how excited you and Aidan are!

  8. These are the cutest invitations I've ever seen!!! And I've seen a lot. :)

  9. Wow!!!! So creative!!! I love them!!! :D How do you do this kind of stuff???? But either way, your going to have an awesome wedding. :)

  10. With your eye for typography, it just kind of makes sense that you should design THE BEST INVITATIONS!!! These are absolutely lovely, and kudos for going through all that tedious work. Love reading about your wedding planning. :) xx
    p.s. want to design my invites someday? jk. I wouldn't want you to go through that again...:D

  11. These are so, so gorgeous! And I love your colors.


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