surprise wedding shower + update

Things have been quiet here. I snuck out of state with my family  (Aidan in tow) to visit Estes Park, Colorado. It was absolutely awesome. (and yes, I did survive mountain climbing. barely.)

While on vacation, I purposely left behind everything wedding related and tried to forget the mountain (haha, see what I did there?) of late wedding invitations which are still unfinished as I write. It was wonderful to have a break and catch up with my extended family who I haven't seen in forever, and who have (of course!) not met Aidan. He survived initiation to our crazy family.

While there, my Aunt Laura absolutely surprised the living daylights out of us with a wedding shower! She had everything perfect down to our wedding colors, theme, and a list of all our favorites who showered us with kitchen supplies and recipes. I was sick the entire afternoon on the couch, which I *thought* amounted to why everyone kept whispering all day. Needless to say, I'm glad we could be used as a wonderful reason to have an ice cream party. It was delicious! And on a major plus side, she let me keep some of the decorations to reuse as wedding decor. Which is fantastic, since my decoration ideas are pretty slim.
(p.s. gummy bears are actually okay in chocolate ice cream. FYI.)

My uncle hand-lettered the sign out front (which we managed to take all the back to Wisconsin...) We spent a good minute reading it twice just to make sure we were at the right house. ;)

Yay for flash. :) I don't know who gave me lemonade, but it was good.


  1. That was sooo sweet!!!! Can't wait to see your wedding decorations. Which you will post eventually right?. ........ Right???? :)

  2. Oh my! So sweet! GAAAAH I can't get over all the excitement around your wedding plans and engagement! WOOOO! As Sethany just said... Can't wait to see wedding decor! AND we're all hoping for tons of wedding pics, I'm sure! Awwww so sweet!

  3. What doesn't taste good in chocolate ice-cream should probably not be eaten.

    I hope your break was very enjoyable. I wish I could get up to Estes, again. That is some really interesting country.

  4. Aw... That's so sweet!!!! And as Ruth and Sethany said, can't wait until to see the decor for your wedding!!! :) I'm so excited for you!!!! :D

  5. AAAAAAAW!! I woulda been speechless. Gotta love those sweet people :)

  6. Wow! How sweet and amazing! Does your Aunt Laura have a Pinterest page? If not, she should. Everything seriously looked magazine-worthy.

  7. I have to add that part of Aunt Laura's surprise was to *secretly* ask mothers, grandmothers, aunts, cousins, and special women friends and family to send in recipes and tips and quotes on homemaking, marriage, relationships, etc. She printed these out and presented them in a beautifully created 3-ring notebook for Bethany. Thank you, Aunt Laura! And Jenny, yes, I do believe she utilized Pinterest quite a bit in creating this theme.

  8. I am so happy you enjoyed it. Elise made the burlap bunting and tissue pom poms. We had soooo fun planning this for you and Aidan.


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