Anne + Gil | Photoshoot

So, I'm marrying Gilbert Blythe, which (according to Pinterest) is every real girl's dream.
(it's not, actually. but you wouldn't believe how many girls have fan pages for Gilbert Blythe.)

I never loved Anne Shirley until I got to wear freckles and dye my hair red. Ever since then, Green Gables fascinated me and I was quick to hold on to any nostalgia of my Anne days.
Naturally, when Marilla gave me the window I climbed down to talk with Matthew about humble pie, I knew instantly this was going to be some sort of wedding decor.

However, I had a lot of grief with so-said window. Ugh. Like, how to make it cute, how to incorporate my two lonely pictures of Gilbert and me. . . I even went as far as cross-stitching chicken wire (which is only entertaining if you teach your brother guitar at the same time.) I eventually found an Anne of Avonlea quote and lettered part of our "love song" we crooned back when we were on stage. But. There was still an empty chicken wire space with a really sad fake flower + photo. Dear me.

I love Aidan. Did I tell you that?
Did you hear what he did for me? Like, did you?
Let me tell you what he did for me.

I sheepishly asked him to bring along his striped Gilbert shirt and could we please do a photoshoot?
I mean, the only thing I could fit in that blank space was cutsie pictures.
And I missed Gilbert Blythe.

We made a deal. We shot BB guns before supper, and then did my super girly request. He also solved the Case of the Broken Tripod.
After fixing my ripped up dress, we met downstairs to trot to the field.
We're both saps. We stood in the hallway repeating (forever) while laughing,
"Oh my goodness you're so cute!"
"Did I mention you're cute?"
"Ugh. I missed you!"
He was pretty cute even if his jeans totally didn't match the costume. But we're going to overlook that because he was still cute and okay I'll stop now before you throw up your breakfast if you're one of those people who hates sappiness and run on sentences.

Without further ado.
Anne + Gilbert (means us.) xxx

 I promise the shutters on our house are green. That idea fizzled. :)

 And yeah, fake red hair. But I figured I'd stress Anne for emphasis. And she definitely doesn't have beautiful mouse brown hair. ;)

 Aidan. We took turns making up poses split second while we dashed for the 10sec timer. He was in charge of all the super romantic stuff.


 We're having a really deep conversation here, about how the timer is about to go off.

 This picture makes me die. We're dorks. And we're happy.

 Okaaaaay. Photo time over.

Will you marry me with this imaginary ring? Wait. It's on your finger.

This actually accurately sums up our arguments.

I think the sun got to our heads.

This is a great illustration. Guys are different than girls. They like weird things. They laugh at things that girls don't find funny. Their definition of funny poses are...different. Aidan insisted on a karate kick pose. Okay then. :)

The End!
Enjoy your daily sappiness. :) 

TWO WEEKS! That's fourteen days y'all!
(p.s. Lesson of the Week: marriage licenses take forever, you do need your birth certificate, and you will get weird comments when you're both 18.)
(p.p.s. baked BBQ chips are my new peanut butter sandwiches. hello midnight snacks!)


  1. Oh my goodness ya'll are SO. ADORABLE. I mean that in the best way possible. My favorite pictures were of you 'arguing' and the 'will you marry me?' one.


    I'm dying.

    Maybe I can talk my Darling Husband Man into dressing in his jeans and posing in a field ... because it's just so cute! And ... I love how free you two are with each other. I nearly drove my then-boyfriend mad with my crazy "I'm so embarrassed to kiss you on the cheek in public" personality. So glad we made it through that. ;)

    Blessings on your two-week left time! Eeeee!

    1. @ Frannie - it's SO. MUCH. FUN. Do it. ;) And don't be fooled, just because we're happy/normal in front of a tripod doesn't mean I don't drive Aidan up the wall with my self-consciousness in public! ;)

  3. LOVE the pictures!!!!! You guys are SO adorable :D I still get all giggly over the Anne and Gilbert thing.
    TWO MORE WEEKS!!! I can't wait :)
    ~~~Hannah P

  4. Well aren't you two just bundles of cuteness. <3

  5. i can't stand the cuteness....
    like for real. this is the cutest thing i've ever seen.


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