let there be bunting

I've literally put this project off for three months (THREE MONTHS!)

To me, bunting is an absolute must. Especially since my wedding reception is in a really ugly gym and since twinkle lights are expensive by the 500yds. My brain kept envisioning a happy wedding reception with bunting upon yards of bunting.
Come on. It's super duper happy.

I have stashes upon stashes of cute fabric scraps that really needed some TLC. My initial zeal for cute bunting had me neat little piles of triangles just begging to be sewn together.

my sewing machine and I hate each other.
It never happened.
Until twelve days before my wedding as I realize - hey! I should probably get this done!

I always go with cheap. I picked colors of pink, green, blueish, and yellow and found a big ball of twine sitting around. If I spaced the triangles just right, I'd have around 540yds of bunting! (that was before I ditched thirty triangles of yellow plaid. It was a little ugly.)

Off to the sewing machine of no return!! I figured this picture motivated me to sew something. One would feel ridiculous taking a picture with arms full of bunting while heading to the sewing machine only to procrastinate and throw the whole project away.

Okay. So the twine looked really bad after the twelveth bunting triangle. I also realized I needed to zig-zag closer to the top to avoid the weird seam allowance. Twine also has to be hand-pulled through the sewing machine in order to move along (you need three arms for this.)
I promptly stopped after I ran out of bobbin thread and the project is still nagging my inner to-do list. *sigh*

You can guess that this blog post is yet another procrastination before returning to my torture chamber of a sewing room.

P.S. Twelve days is one week + five.
P.P.S. Interstellar is a terrible movie.
P.P.P.S. I love coffee right now.


  1. Bias binding is a hassle to make but bunting turns out lovely with it! <3 I love reading your wedding prep. adventures & so happy you are sharing this journey here!

  2. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! You're so lucky... I've got nineteen days left.

    This is a superdy-cute idea, girl!

  3. Yes, yes, yes! Buntings are a must and yours are absolutely lovely!! xx


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