my real life minus wedding

So, hey! I've been blasting the internet with all my last-minute wedding idears and I thought it was time I take a breather and focus on what I do on my "time off".
I mean, I'm not always making yard signs, chopping down trees, and cutting paper.
Well, usually not always.
(I have three pictures of normal life.)

 My twinsie is a lifeguard. He worked his last shift at the wading pool, and I came along to chitty-chat and get a tan (er, and the small fact that I'd never seen him work in his entire two year career. #lamesister) He's leaving for boot camp ten days after I get married. *emotional sigh*

The other day I got to sketching some - since I haven't done it in a while. It's calming. I've also taken up the habit of playing the piano religiously for an hour to wind-down. It's always Disney + the Frozen Songbook. I've been a little...em...nostalgically disturbed lately? ;)

My boy my boy my boy! He saved my life by meeting me at a gas station to pay for half a tank...since I was penniless and running low on fuel. . .he surprised me this evening by sauntering to our house and dropping off Reese's, demanding I do something I love to de-stress and that I eat the whole bag. ^_^ He knows me pretttaaaaaaaay well. #winner

P.s. Oh hey, it's me looking thrilled. *coughs*
Do I look eighteen? Or older? Maybe a bit older? Right? Come on, I could pass for  nineteen at least?
Tell that to the lady at the courthouse. She informed me I can't pick up a marriage license for someone else.
"Only the Bride & Groom can. And you are...?"
awkward silence.
"Well. I am the bride!"


  1. Now you've got me craving Reese's! I'm terribly bad at judging ages. People always think you look older than I, so I always assumed you looked older than I. You just look like my ageless Bethany. :)

  2. I think you look 18 ... LOL at the courthouse lady. Maybe you should have pulled your hair back in a severe bun, put on a suit jacket and skirt, and walked in carrying a book on investing in the stock market, which you would then be absorbed in reading the whole time you were waiting. But then she might have thought you were too old to be picking up the license! "You can't possibly be only 18." :D

  3. I am inquisitive. Why do you think the lady at the courthouse assumed you were not a party to the document requested, because of your apparent age? Did she say anything about age?

    I have a suspicion that her response had nothing to do with her estimation of your age. I am inclined to think your request was phrased in a manner that indicated to her that you were picking up this document for someone else. My reason for this line of thought is the same sort of thing has happened to me, on occasion. And knowing that I tend to phrase requests in a passive or indirect manner is useful.

    I am in no way asserting that this is what happened. I only suggest it as a possible alternative viewpoint.


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