Say Yes to the Dress Part 1 | Azazie

(mom: you do not need to freak out about this post. scroll to end.)
I really loved an $800 dollar dress at David's Bridal. It was gorgeous and everything I always thought my dress would look like (which isn't saying much, because I didn't have any specifics.) See middle picture - I was super excited. (actually, I was super overwhelmed by the veil. say yes to the veil, ladies.)

BUT, I was nowhere near comfortable spending $800 on a dress I'd wear once. Grr.
So, I forgot about my dream dress + style and went on a limb for a cheaper (but still awesome) alternative:
I ordered my once-in-a-lifetime dress online.

Online bridal seems like a dangerous oxymoron. I've read horror stories of brides who ordered online only to get a cheaply made dress, or no dress at all (eeep. not okay!)

During my super crazy first month of wedding planning, another bride-to-be mentioned she found her bridesmaid's dresses on azazie.com. However, my mom (and my mother-in-law-to-be) immediately focused on the small collection of wedding dresses, with *out of this world* prices!

This had to be too good to be true. 
Having no other ideas of finding a wedding dress, I decided to just do it.
Azazie offers a custom made dress to your size, so on a time crunch, you really can't beat that! (no extra alterations needed!)

I said yes to the gown I liked the most in a split second decision. It looked nothing like any of the dresses I had tried on before, and nothing like my usual "style".

It seemed forever. I religiously checked the site every day hoping that the production would go faster than expected and it'd be shipped!! (mmmmrrrrgh...wishful thinking.) Seriously, if the estimated delivery was late, I would be weddingdressless on my wedding day. eep.

While I was already feeling stressed with online wedding attire, I made matters ten times worse by ordering a $15 veil from a Chinese Ebay store and crossed my fingers.  Veils are cool, but nowhere near $300 okay. Ew. I don't care if the quality is scratchy.

Then one June day while expecting the norm, it happened!

Now I just had anxious days of jumping at every truck that came down our driveway (where's my dress!?!?!)

It arrived a week earlier than expected right before I left for my bridal shower. I was utterly jittery by the time we cleaned up and got back home.  
Was it trashy? Would it fit? Would I love it? What if it was ugly!?

I opened the box amid squeals of sisters + mom...

I could see bits and pieces through the dress cover and I was just absolutely gushing with excitment. (see super happy face!) The moment I unzipped it, I knew it was perfect!
(eeeeeep!!!!!!!!!! I'm gonna be a bride!)

Now I just had the moment of truth trying it on!
But I suppose you'll have to wait until Part Two. :)


  1. eep! I can't wait to see you in your dress!

  2. Noooo!!! How can you leave us hanging like this?!

  3. Haha! Sometimes I'm excited for a package that says it will come like a week after order but then it comes like 2 days after order! But I bet your way more excited than I would be. ;D

  4. I actually like this dress a lot better than the $800 one. Just sayinnnn'. ;)

    1. OK, so it's not a horror story where the dress arrives in bad shape? This is good to know :D

  5. Rejoicing with you that the dress came in on time and that it's perfect! Now listen: no posting photos online of the actual wedding dress until after the wedding, okay? Or I WILL freak out. And I mean it! Now, that I've got that out of the way....the dress is beautiful and you're going to be a beautiful bride! <3

    1. @ Mommy - I promise. :) Cross my heart with brownies on top.

  6. NO PICTURES?! WHAT?! We're WAITING!!!!!!!!! (Princess Bride :P) I cannot WAIT!

  7. Oh, and by the way, I love your adorable wedding shower outfit. :)


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