The Fastest Pinwheel You'll Ever Make | DIY

I love effortless things that look pretty, don't you? I recently made 20+ cake-toppers for a cheesecake buffet and found a super fast way to make some happy pinwheel toppers.
To curb my boredom while making 20+ pinwheels, I took some photos to share the secret to making the perfect mini pinwheel. enjoy.

UNO: Fold paper. Any paper. Any size. Just fold it.
DOS: Cut folded paper down to a square (just don't cut the folded side)
TRES: Glue folded sides together
CUATRO: You should have a cute little square!
CINCO: Snip from each corner towards the center
SEIS: You should have four little "triangle" snips. Fold the left side of a triangle toward the center and repeat
SIETE: Staple the ends of the folds together
OCHO: Embellish
NUEVE: Add a toothpick or (in this case) a wooden stick and enjoy your super cute pinwheels!

Other things I've invented - coffee filter flowers. They're super fun.


  1. :D I think we've made those pinwheels before!!!! They're so much fun!
    Oh my goodness, those flowers are really cool! Hey... "paper" flower wedding bouquets?????
    ~~~Hannah Piotraschke

  2. I don't know what I'm more excited about --- that you're having cheesecake at your reception or that said cheesecake will be topped with cute pinwheels!

  3. Whoa, you just got me obsessed with coffee filter flowers. Those are SO pretty! And I bet you pay for them with Georges rather than Benjis. AND you can make them ahead of time.
    Those are going in my wedding ideas, definitely.


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