The Infallible Guide | How to Ruin a Wedding Veil

No Veils. That's your motto.

It's funny how you make mottos you don't really mean. One moment you're strong with resolve, and the next you're a slobbering mess of smiles with a beautiful veil draped on your head.
You are so wearing a veil.

However, veils are the wedding industries 'airline peanut bags'. They're outrageously expensive for a piece of tulle you get $5 at JoAnn. Actually, you can get wedding veils at JoAnn. If you like curly-cue veils that look like you stretched ribbon with scissors and plastered it on your head.

No, if you're going to have a veil - it's going to have lace, and that's final!
(Not to sound like Veruca Salt or anything.)

Fruitless search upon fruitless search, you finally go off the deep end and solicite Top Weddings, a Chinese Ebay store.

---- Now, I'm skeptical of Chinese cheapness, but I figured there's only so much you can mess up in a veil. The product picture looked genuine enough for me. I suppose you should be skeptical of a store that only allows positives feedback from customers (which sketchily all look the same.) ----

The day arrives with a box on your doorstep.
That's right, a box.
But not just any box.
A box barely the length of a small envelope.
Your veil is in there?

After opening the twenty layers of tape, you pull out a cheap, but very lovely veil, which is also completely wrinkled beyond belief.
No biggy at all and easily fixed.
(dream on baby.)

Good feelings gone after you try it on your sister and the comb promptly falls off. Again, nothing you can't hand-sew, but really? Upon further inspection you find a raw edge where the lace isn't even attached, the tiny rhinestones keep falling off, and there is countless loose ends of tulle in need of trimming.

Again, nothing you can't fix. 
Since you DIY everything, you are able to laugh and move on.

--- Let's talk about steaming cheap tulle at home with an iron.
First, this is a bad idea.
I repeat - a bad idea. Don't ever do this.
And second, this is a bad idea. ---

You do iron, however, and manage to dewrinkle most of the veil.
You also dip the iron too far and burn a four inch hole in the top of the veil.
*facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm*

You don't scream. You don't cry. You don't snort.
You laugh. The hysterical laugh of unbelief, wondering if the whole thing will just disintegrate in your hands (you never know.)

After tedious hot-glue stitches and a small whip stitch seam, you fix the hole and decide it's unnoticeable enough to get away with.
You place the veil on the shelf, and go take a nap.

And that, dear friends, is how you ruin a wedding veil.

P.s. I am so getting married in 25 days! WHAT?!?


  1. 25 days?! I totally lost count. How crazy is that!

  2. lol! Poor thing.. :(

    I also tried the "Cheap Veil From China" route. Twice. Altogether, I didn't spend over five dollars on them, but it was still annoying. I ended up splurging on the$120.00 one at David's Bridal. ((Which was a horrible feeling, knowing (as most seamstresses do) that veils are made out of tulle and plastic combs.)) But it's preeeeeeeeeeeeeeettty!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. @ Anna - naw, don't feel bad. :) You'll be gorgeous and you won't have to worry about falling-off-lace and all that horror! And let's just be honest, making one yourself when you're drowning in wedding plans just isn't practical!

  3. P.S- We have the same wedding date, but I'm considerably your senior!


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