Pretty much since forever, I've secretly dreamed of marrying young, teaching piano, and being a snazzy barista at a coffee shop.
Not like I ever thought that would really happen.
#Procrastination #MyTownIsLame #Reality #BoysAreWeird

Newsflash: here I am newly married with some excited "guinea pigs" who had the bravery to ask me (ME!) for piano lessons.

While squealing over that, I went all over town picking up boring applications to boring stores to get a boring job to calm my cabin fever.
#NoCar #FullTime #MeanManagement

Aidan insisted I try a local coffee store (what? no.) right before we drove home. Since I used to work in a small business that only had openings when someone quit (which was never), I was pretty sure this coffee shop wasn't hiring, either.

Smack dab on the door - "Now Hiring!"

So, I'm thinking this was totally a God Thing.
I mean, the odds of me getting a job that I could walk to + love seemed very slim (#WalMart!) But here's this cute little coffee shop hiring the moment I walked in.
One interview + a phone call later = I'm gonna be a barista!
 *happy dance happy dance happy dance*
(I won't mention how Aidan went shopping during my interview and locked the keys in the car. It was yet another locked car adventure. But we did get steak out of it. Long story.)

But yes, piano! I've already got a pinterest board dedicated to awesome theory materials (just say no to theory books!) and fun practice ideas. I get excited just writing down lesson plans! Wal Mart folders are on sale and I picked up some reaaaaally happy music folders for my students and created The Crazy Book of Musicality for my own reference.
Oh, and a snazzy gmail to hold all my PDF files so I can access it from any computer.


  1. How awesome! I'm soooo happy for you!
    Locked car adventures? Haha, my family and I have had a few of those. ;) Luckily one time there was a man with a giant mustache to help us out. Like yours, it's a long story. ;D

    1. @ Eve - Giant mustaches *would* make unlocking cars easier. ;) As do monkeys attached to car ceilings!

  2. It's so great to see you living your dream!!!

  3. OH MY GOODNESS I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU THIS IS A DREAM. excuse the caps but this is like really (REALLY) exciting news!!

    1. @ Acacia - Awww! Thanks a bunches! Dreams are *so* exciting when they become realities. I'm absolutely thrilled myself - but YOUR excitement for my dream makes it even more contagiously exciting. :D

  4. That is so awesome girl!!!! Congratulations!

  5. Wow!!!!! Living the dream, right? ;) I haven't even figured out a dream for me... A little bit, but not really.
    What coffee store are you working at? Btw, I'm so happy for you!!!

  6. I'm so happy for you, Bethany!!!! Sounds like you are living an amazing dream! In fact, it kind of sounds like my dream :) Well... except, I really never thought I'd like to give piano lessons... I have few students now, but once I get married, I'm not sure that I will continue. But we'll see! And I would love to work at some sort of sweet/coffee shop once I graduate! And of course... getting married is definitely on my list :)
    Have fun with piano lessons, being a Barista, and most of all, being a wife! ~~~Hannah P

    1. @ Hannah - Thanks girlie! I will stalk your life religiously after you graduate! And hey, there's a couple of cute coffee shops near you, so it's totally possible!! I'm also a practicing match-maker, so give me a call. :) *OKAAAY! HALF KIDDING* *mwwwooohahaaa*

    2. Haha! Okay, you do that! I'll try and keep my life worth stalking :P LOL Thanks for making me smile with your reply!
      I know! I REALLY want to work at the Living Room next year; I love coffee and I love adorable little coffee shops.
      Hey! I'm glad I'm not the only one who randomly thinks about playing match-maker!!!!! That's another small hobby of mine :D

    3. Hannah, I *adore* The Living Room. I wish I didn't live 20 minutes away from it, but we try to have director meetings for the musical there whenever possible. =) I could *totally* see you working there.

      Bethany, I love how gung-ho you are about teaching piano! The folders are a super idea, and my guinea pigs are excited for Monday--except for the fact that we're starting school that day. Well, a piano lesson with you will be a nice reward after getting back into the school routine.

      Oh, and if it's B&B, I'm meeting some friends there for coffee on Saturday morning! Maybe I'll see you! (The owners, Mark & Sheri, are such a wonderful Christian couple. It'll be a great place to work!)

    4. @ Jen - It is B&B! Aidan didn't want me to put the actual name all over the internet, but yep - that's the place. ;) And my interview with Sheri was so much fun. . .we mostly *didn't* talk about job stuff. :D

  7. This is sooo exciting!! Good for you!! And hooray for openings in coffee shops. :)

  8. Aww, congratulations, Bethany! That's awesome!

    And I never said "Congratulations" to you and Aidan, Mrs. Durie! :D

    1. @ Rebekah - thank you! AHHH. People will scare the living daylights out of me by referring to me as, "Mrs. Durie" and I'm like, "WHOA. WAIT. WHAT? Oh yeah..." :)

  9. Having fun with your new life?!?! Who knew all that could happen in just one month?
    I'm so happy for you!

    Love your guinea pig.

  10. So happy for you Bethany! :) Which coffee shop? B&B or GLAS?


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