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The night before I married, I went to bed at an insane hour in the morning and got soap in my eye.

Swollen eyes from lack of sleep are one thing, but one noticeably swollen eye from soap is another. I find it morbidly hilarious that my worst soapy eye experience was the day of my wedding! But luckily, it was nothing cold water and cucumbers couldn't fix.

Let's just say, my wedding plans/wedding were akin to Amelia Bedelia. I had the best of luck ruining my bridal veil, taking engagement photos during a tornado, not to mention burning myself with a glue gun on the wedding day.

And I mean burning myself.
Aidan accidentally popped the huge burn blister right before we said our vows. Ouch and ew. I'm talking about puss streaming down my hand right smack dab in the middle of my wedding ceremony!

My wedding was simple. Happy. The reception was in a hideous gym.
But you know what? 
Despite all the imperfections of planning, the horror story fails of the wedding day; we still came away happily married in a car full of birdseed (future reference for brides: NO BIRDSEED!) and it was the most beautiful day of my life!

I figured I might as well share the stories behind the day, then save the gorgeous wedding day photos for another post. So, stay tuned!

This is me.
Sheeeeesh. I hadn't been sleeping well for the past three months!
The day before involved my entire family and all three of our vehicles. My daddy spent a good three (?) hours packing up all the food, decorations, tools, flowers, and what not.

I was positively freaking out, picking bouquets of wildflowers and stopping by my soon-to-be home for stuff. I was sickly nervous (felt like throwing up all day.) I couldn't fathom the idea that this would all pull together in a beautiful way. 

We managed to squeeze five people in a fifteen passenger van with no room to spare (thanks to the helium balloons!) The hour and ten minute drive was absolutely trying to the soul. Bailey insisted her boy Erich come along.

In which I pause to say: everyone needs an Erich...he was the creative mastermind behind most of the decorations and actually listened when I asked him to do something.
Good man, Bailey.

This is Sarah - my bestie + Maid of Honor. If it wasn't for her, I'm pretty sure I would've broken down from tears the entire afternoon. I was SO FRUSTRATED/NERVOUS/EXASPERATED. Decorating is hard people! Half the time, I was drowning in despair while she was decorating something absolutely gorgeous.

Sarah calmed me down by taking me to the quiet, empty sanctuary and helping me do the aisle decorations. It's amazing; the power of cardboard, tulle, and clothespins!

Decorating took forever. The rehearsal started late and I was a sweating mess, barely having time to change out of my lovely jeans + comfy shirt. I hadn't seen Aidan all day since he was busy picking up suits and that sort of stuff. People were bored. I was starving. Aidan and I were both crab cakes. I hated weddings (I decided.)

My wedding coordinator (who was also the director of Anne of Green Gables - where Aidan and I first met!) took things under control and got this party started!

See the lovely big flower things that my bestie brilliantly added?!

The wedding party walked down to "Dawn" from Pride & Prejudice, played live by a good friend of mine! Not only could she play the ivories, but she and her sister played a string duet (cello + violin!) for the bridal processional! I WAS DYING FROM ALL THE PRETTINESS.
#Suckerforcello #Ilovecello #Musicamakesmeemotional

And then...my daddy and I practicing for the first time. Pardon my stressed out angel face (what am I thinking?) But even though this was just "practice", I was feeling majorly emotional. Daddy, too!

That rehearsal was long. Very much needed, but way to drain the bananas out of an exhausted decorating party! We were ready for some food!

 I'll pause for a moment and tell you about my fun bridesmaids/flower girl gifts! They were super complicated, but it was a little tiny thank you I felt was a must - especially because I adored all my wedding party gals!

 I went to dollar tree for the flower girls and found was snazzy little take out boxes and filled them with happy stuff. My mom also ordered some super cute bracelets from Etsy that the girls loved! Oh, and I had to include a ring pop. :)

I didn't really know what to include for all my maids, so I tried to make it happy and personal. The lid had a picture of us together on the back, and I made a little "booklet letter" a couple pages long full of sappiness, happiness, and memories. It was fun. Also, I found paper in the wedding colors and shredded it for confetti. Slightly a bad idea, but it worked.

 Another bunny rabbit trail! Here's Mom & Dad Durie after the crazy long rehearsal day - still smiling! Mrs. D was behind the rehearsal dinner, and was also my go-to when I was freaking out about marrying young (they married pretty young themselves. Explaining why they look absolutely fab for parents of 9 kids! You'd never guess that, right?)

 The rehearsal dinner was like supper had never been invented. Mrs. Durie put together homemade Italian yumminess and had a really cute gingham/country theme going!

That was probably the best part of the day, hands down. I still dream about all that yummy goodness.

The rest of the night was back at the church, doing last minute stuff. My brain was fried and I excused myself to play on the grand piano to calm my nerves.
We got back super late (11:00 something?!) and I made the worst decision to take a shower (see first sentence.)

Pretty soon I was going to be a married woman! EEK!

Little sneak peek for part two!

P.s. Shout-out to the Snell team for the rehearsal photos! 


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  4. Fun and funny! And you look like Aidan in that picture with all the stuff in the truck (van? whatever). :)


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