How to Honeymoon Wisconsin | The Epic Journey

Frugality and getting hitched are a frustrating pair. I watched nervously as I kept diminishing my savings on some (worthwhile) investment. Bedroom sets, a wedding band, legal fees, buying my own hairbrush. . . EVERYTHING IS SO EXPENSIVE.

When it came to the (forgotten) honeymoon plans, all I knew is,
"AIDAN. We're not spending over $500."

Naturally, we waited until less than a month before to tackle the honeymoon. It was a subject I didn't want to plan, had no brilliant ideas for, and the honest truth was...I really hate traveling to new places!
Like. really hate.
It's a weird phobia of mine.

Honeymoon planning is a daunting, time consuming task. Also, I was sick of planning weddings + anything else that involved planning. NO MORE PLANNING. I JUST WANNA GET MARRIED.
So, we kinda winged it.
And it was the best week eveeerrr!

Best Tip Ever: We saved a lot of $$ by honeymooning on week days. Everything is super expensive in the summer on the weekends! 

The day begin with a gourmet breakfast at home. And coffee. Can't forget that. We actually left pretty late. . .because you get wedding lag two days later. We both slept like logs.

We borrowed my daddy's GPS and planned on spending the day in Madison, visiting the capital and walking around downtown. Best part? It's totally free! Minus the gas.

We ended up free-ranging across Wisconsin, since the GPS was routed to an obviously closed high way. awkward. 

We ended up taking random backroads, trying to get to the spot on the high way that was actually open. This went on for a while...
 In the meantime, we were starving/trying to find a bathroom in the middle of nowhere. This is when we stumbled across the tiny town of Eldorado, which contains the prettiest park I've ever seen in my entire life.

We ended up staying almost two hours, skipping rocks, watching fish, doing the obstacle course, and sitting by the water while contributing a decent amount of PDA to the world.

Our first rock. #TheLongLongTrailer

 My handsome man pigging on blueberries. ;) Ironically, the portapotty was not open - but the really disgusting bathroom was! I'm pretty sure that's the only evidence for evolution, because it looked as if it hadn't been cleaned in 1,000,000 years.

Eventually, after giving up and illegally driving on a closed highway (*facepalm*), we found Madison!!
Not pictured was the extra fifteen minutes trying to find a parking garage.

 We got lost in the Capitol trying to find the observation deck. Brilliantly, every single wing in every single state capitol looks the same. Wisconsin is no exception.

But that's okay! Creepy hallways and sitting in elevators are great times to smooch a storm and take selfies. And it was a little romantically dramatic when I started freaking out that we were in some secret passageway.

We found the obversation deck. It was a great honeymoon until Aidan fell off.
He survives. :)
We spied a big fountain across the street and decided, we are going to find that fountain because it is so totally romantic.

 In the observation window-thingy-ma-bob. Which reminded me of a submarine? The stairs did, at least. So much light! My iPod went crazy. And I promise Aidan was happy in this picture. ;)

I hate this photo - but yeah. Here's the Capital. On our way to find the Fountain of Youth!!

We found the fountain which was, unfortunately, closed off. So much for romantic.
In the meantime, we were dying of heat and found a Starbucks instead.

We almost couldn't find the parking garage (surprise, surprise) but did find it (wow!) Madison is overrun by pedestrians. It takes forever to make a left turn.
I really do mean FOREVER.

Our next destination was near the Wisconsin/Illinois border to The Lazy Cloud Inn near Lake Geneva! It was absolutely charming (BE STILL MY HEART) and the room we reserved was beyond cool. Plus, the outdoor hammocks and chess was fun.
Yes, I lost this chess game.
Did I mention Aidan used to play chess competitively?
Yeah. I didn't have a chance. 

It was pricey, but come on. You only honeymoon once! Here's a peek at the Log Cabin Room, jacuzzi and all! (say what?!)

My only despair was starvation and the overly priced $14 pizza that took forever. Pie High Pizza did have a deck of trivia cards, which we read through while starving.

The next day we traveled to Six Flags which was having a special for season pass holders.
Except, "Bring a Friend for 1/2" turned into, "Bring your Wife for 1/2."
(I didn't get any pictures. But I did discover I love roller coasters!)

That was the day I didn't wear makeup - which makes me look considerably younger, apparently.

Security Guard: "Do you have any keys on you?"
Me: "Nope."
Security Guard: "Oh, so who drove?"
Me: "Um, he did." (points to Aidan)
Security Guard: "Haha, can you drive yet?"
Me: "...yes..?"
Security Guard: "Well, just make sure you stay off those sidewalks!"
Me: "Yes. Er...yes. I generally stay off sidewalks...?" (tries to keep from saying, "I'VE BEEN DRIVING FOR THREE YEARS!")
(I'm pretty sure the Security Guard was my age assuming I was fifteen. At least, the braces made him look at least 17. mmm...okay.)

The second weird experience:

Random Worker Dude: "Hey, man - you better hang onto that girl of yours! She's a keeper."
Me: "We're married actually." (flashes off the bling)
Worker: "What? Wow!" (turns to Aidan) "Well, this girl is just worth keeping. She's not stuck up like most girls I see. You better hang onto her. Good luck, man!"
Us: "Thanks..."
Apparently, hugging your husband while begging him not to take you on a giant sling-shot is considered, "NOT STUCK UP." :)

 We spent the night near Chicago after finally finding a Days Inn and desperately asking if they had any rooms available (this was at, like, 9:00PM!) That was after we stopped by a really sketchy convenience store that had bullet proof glass everywhere.
I think we're in a bad part of town. . .

We almost slept in almost past check-out time.
And the GPS took us on a weird route.
But we finally made it to Kohler-Andre State Park.

Lake Michigan is freezing cold, FYI. But we managed. It was great.

Somehow we made it back to Shawano, had some great movie nights watching Christian horror movies (need I say anything more? it was awful) and spent the afternoon with Free Root Beer Floats at A&W with the siblings!

NOW I understand why couples take a Honeymoon. It's just plain worth it. Especially because you NEED that first week away from the future of staying-at-home-crying because your husband is gone working.
And hey, ours wasn't fancy - but it was absolutely so much fun and totally romantic.
As long as you're together; it's great!
So. Yeah. Worth it.

P.s. Today is our 2 week anniversary! YAY!


  1. Cuties! The other day I was talking with someone about just how important it is to take a honeymoon. The Israelite warrior dudes got a whole year off to transition into married life, so the American normal dudes and their wives better take at least a week off. But I hope this honeymoon is not your last --- take ALL OF THE VACATIONS!

    P.S. Every time I read about you guys getting lost or losing your parking garage, I imagined Erich facepalming. That city boy looooves to make fun of people who aren't "street smart." Like me. *sigh*

  2. Hey girl! It's been fun to read your adventures of married life, though I must admit a large amount of envy in relation to how put together your apartment looks. I got married and left for a 800 mile move from my home state. Not to mention my husband's from Wyoming, so we left Oklahoma, traveled to Colorado and spent a couple days at his grandma's (empty) house before driving up to Wyoming for a reception, then back to Colorado. Yeah, we got 2,000 miles in the first week of marriage! Moved into our apartment last Monday and my family brought up my boxes on Thursday. I'm really supposed to be unpacking, but I'm procrastinating from the jillions of thank you cards and the horrid mess of boxes crammed under the stairs. Oh yeah and trying to change all bank accounts, driver license, home address and my name. I didn't realize how many things had my name on them until I have to change them all!! Honeymoon comes at the end of the month, and it's going to be so worth it!

    1. @ Savannah - Oh you POOR THING!!! I *THANKFULLY* moved a couple miles away, making moving in a slice of cake (well, compared to your ordeal!) But I can definitely share your pain when it comes to all the legal mess. I spent so over $100 for marriage license/certificate ($100!!!) And even though I mailed everything promptly, it's still going to be another two weeks before I can even dream of changing my driver's license or combining bank accounts. grr.
      But sheesh! Your honeymoon is something to look forward too! GET AWAY from all those boxes. ;)
      Best of luck!!

    2. Legal, ugh. I spent an hour in Social Security Monday changing my name. And yeah, 2 weeks before the new card comes in! Oh, that's horrible with all the marriage license and stuff. I'm much older than you, so my marriage license was only $5, since we had done counseling (which was also interesting due to the fact that we lived 1,200 miles apart through our entire relationship!). My husband is younger than me and that does make for some interesting conundrums from time to time, and raises plenty of eyebrows when working on legal stuff. It's two years, people, not 20!! I haven't gotten near the DMV yet, so you'll have to tell me how that goes. Enjoy the quiet- from what I hear this is the last time in our lives that we'll have a little bit of peace and quiet until we're ready for the retirement home!

  3. Aidan and Bethany!!!!!!!!! I am SO HAPPY for you both :):):):) I'm having so much fun on your blog (Bethany) and reading about your new chapter in life. It sounds like you two are definitely going to have a happy-ever-after ;D
    ~~~Hannah P


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