How to Thoroughly Sappy Anyone

Ever wondered how to tell someone they're special, but just can't think of the best way to tell them?

Well, you're in luck. My twin bro tells me that I inherited a legacy of sappiness, which then mutated into a monster of sappiness ever since I started dating.
But dating or not dating, I absolutely love coming up creative ways to say, "I LOVE YOU" to the people I adore!

Here are some of my classic favorites:

  • Write a booklet. On the eve of our wedding night, I surprised Aidan with a really corny book entitled, "Reasons Why I Want to Marry You". I picked up a blank notebook on clearance at JoAnn Fabrics and watercolored to my hearts content! It's a cute, versatile way to make those Words of Affirmation people feel super giddy! (plus, it's really fun to make!)

  • Make a music video. This is a tried and true way to say, "I love you!" Especially if you write your own music (come on, corny is okay!) I've done this for my best friend, my sick sister, and yes of course, my husband! (Plus, my siblings LOVE doing this for quality time: HERE, HERE  and HERE) I've written music using Musescore, edited with Windows Movie Maker, and filmed in video + stop motion. Fun times! Some of those links are ancient, so watch at your own discretion. :)
  • Breakfast in bed. This is the best way to give those Acts of Service people a break. And who doesn't love yummy food?
  • Post-it Note the car. I used to drop dinner off in Aidan's car when he was working a really stupid factory job. I'd also embarrass him with car paint and mushy sticky notes on the dash. Caroline helped. When was the last time you let your daddy know you love him? Post-it note the car, peeps.
  • Candlelight dinner. Everyone says the secret to a man's heart is through his stomach. But the truth is, the secret to anyone's heart is through their stomach. I've totally done this for my parents on their anniversary and for Aidan as well (surprise, surprise!)
  • Print off/doodle happy quotes. Pinterest, pinterest, pinterest!

  • Doodle a picture. Again. Pinterest. This is also just plain good for the soul and little sisters whose love languages is pictures.

  • Surprise shopping trip! I did this with my sister right before I got married. And she got some super cute clothes at Goodwill! It was so much fun!
  • Chase people out of the kitchen. This tells your mom that you care enough/love her enough to do the mountain of dishes. Everyone hates dishes. So don't let her say, "It's okay, I'll do it - but thanks!" Drag her out of there if need be!!
  • Send dorky skype video messages. Because it's better than email and a great way to get away with being a goof.
  • Brighten their day with a link to a HILARIOUS youtube video. Like this one. Christian and I primarily corresponded through really stupid facebook messages...including all sorts of dorky quotes, videos, and topics. I miss my twin. :(
  • Decorate envelopes and snail mail people! This is what I do for a living, y'all. 
  • Create a mixtape. And yeaaah...you can make up your own music, too. But it's way faster to create a CD with awesome songs.  

  • Make a scrapbook. My best friend did this for me at my graduation. It's absolutely priceless and I was bawling over all our best friend photos from the past. And need I say, I also did this for Aidan on his 18th birthday. Smashbooks for the win!

And when all else fails, just give them a hug and say, "Did I tell you how much I love you? Well, this is how much I love you."
Or something like that.
It works; trust me. 
(or give them chocolate. it means the same thing.)

Have fun and go sappy your favorite people!


  1. Those are good tips!!!! I actually tell my mom when she is super busy and has to make dinner for us I just say, "Okay, you work on what you were doing, and I'll take over dinner." Works pretty much all of the time!!!! ;) That is so sweet!!! Making a scrapbook for someone. :D

    1. @ Josephine - what a good daughter! Sometimes those mothers just need a nudge out of the kitchen. And it takes the good daughters to drag them out. I mean, who really wants to make dinner anyway? *crickets chirping*

  2. This is my favorite post ever!!! I love being loved by you! :D

    1. @ Bailey - hey. I love loving you. But mostly, we feel loved just fine by laughing on the floor about nothing. :)

    2. Laughing about nothing...That's one of the best things about being sisters, isn't it? My younger sister and I are about two years apart and we practically matured at the same pace-every once in a while I feel older than her. :) She's my bestest friend.

      And I loved this post-so fun!


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