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 Oh, hi there! So, my unexplained absence is best excused by my inexplicable happiness + emotional chaos ever since August 1st. I got married! The wedding was beautiful and I promise I will share photos and all that jazz when the time is right.
(like, when I get so-said photos. I'm absolutely EXCITED to see them!)

Marriage involves a lot of cooking and grocery shopping. Since I don't have I car, I discovered that walking to Wal Mart is absolutely undesirable. But when you need food, you need food! 

Already, I have burned countless lunches and shamed the word "supper" by my brilliant cream of mushroom noodle dinner (um. we ate cheesecake that night.) Thankfully, my hungry hubby is also a fab cook, and treated me to marinated steak by candlelight.
Right. He was also the one who purchased at least 50+ tea candles in order to light up the entire apartment on our wedding night. It didn't happen (um, see the part about "food"), but it was still a sweet idea! (yeah, we ended up grocery shopping on our wedding night. #romantic)


You learn all sorts of things about each other being married.

For example, Aidan doesn't care for fried eggs or baked potatoes. Naturally, I made both these meals back-to-back before being informed. He was still a sweetheart and insisted it was a delicious. *sigh*

Further example: Aidan is a hard sleeper and I need to be alert to re-wake-him-up at 5:30 for work.

He also sleep talks/yells. It scares the bananas out of me!
Not only does he say really weird (and creepy!) things, but he also holds conversations with me while he's asleep.
Eh. I'm staying on my side of the bed, bro.

Not surprisingly, I had marriage blues the first week and felt like a horribly ungrateful wife. But duh! It's hard getting married and moving out of the house in one blow. I criiiieeeeed for my family the first week. And you know what? That's okay. It does get better!
After being content with marriage, I kept Aidan up late (AGAIN!) on a work night because I was bawling about my twin bro leaving for Army Boot Camp. He left. And I cried.

Moving along, I shall now inform you about our cutesy little apartment.

This is my little cozy deck + herb garden. I almost killed the Parsley from dehydration, until I invented my super-handy-dandy-milk-jug-watering-can.

I completely rearranged/filed mountains of loose papers on our turquoise (!!) filing desk. The cleanliness lasted for a day and was quickly replaced by mountains of thank you notes (another prominent part of married life. we were totally blessed, but my wrist is a little daunted by four pages of thank yous. 0.o)

 The "study". I really love this window. We even have some snazzy curtains that will be put up Saturday!

 Yay! Bathroom pictures. ;) But seriously, I'm very proud of our happy (and big!) bathroom.

 Remember our bedroom set I snagged? Yeah. I still love it.

Happy bed and....confession that I wear Aidan's shirts during the day because I miss him. and it smells like him. Yes, I'm officially weird.

I love our closet, too. Minus the embarrassing fact that I'm afraid of the dark and can't fall asleep if the door is left open. Monsters in the closet, you know. Check out my happy totes, though!

The next project is the bare living room. Hopefully, we can find a (nice!) used couch sometime soon and start some serious home decor. In the meantime, guests awkwardly stand around.

Lookey at what boredom can do to a girl! I made five-minute bread - the best kept secret in the history of our universe! PLUS, it actually tastes good! (no way!?!)

Here's my new little project that keeps me thankful during the day. It's easy for me to get crabby and depressed on lonely afternoons. . .but I'm working on that. Plus, it's a great way to use white-space without hammers + nails.

So marriage.
The highlight of the day is definitely Aidan coming home. I've got three hours yet. :(
Arguments are frequent, but don't have to be big bad grumpy things.
I love being kidnapped by my family.
Tickle fights do happen and are the bane of married life. #UGH
I don't know how to open our garage door. I just press the buttons a million times until it works!
Midnight conversations are the best!
As are really stupid text conversations.
Being married is awesome. 
And I really need to go finish thank you notes. :)


  1. It makes me happy to see you so happy!

    Maybe I should start a wall of gratitude, because I get depressed and crabby now that I'm home without you. *sniffle* ;)

  2. oh my gosh y'all are the cutest and y'all's apartment is so pretty.
    congratulations on being married :)

  3. Yay! I'm excited to see wedding pictures but that sneak peak should hold me over! I love hearing about your married life & I love your little home! Thank you for sharing!

    1. @ Rosi - Eep! I am constantly stalking my photographer's facebook. ;) But I'm really excited for how they turned out! She's the best!

  4. Congratulations!

    I hope you enjoyed writing this, as much as, I enjoyed reading it. Though I doubt that.

    I figured you wouldn't be back until mid-September. Thank you notes take time and can be quite exhausting. Good luck with that.

    Your house looks comfy.

    I anticipate further updates, as time permits, to answer one of my favorite questions: What's it like being married? Which occupies a larger amount of my leisure thoughts, than one would suspect, because I have never even dated, nor in all likelihood will. But it's a fascinating area of speculation for me. And I've never gotten the same answer twice, even from the same person.

    I suppose it's like trying to explain what it is like being alive to an inanimate object. If you feel like answering the question, directly, I'd be interested in your thoughts. But every post from this one onward will in some manner be answering that question, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

    1. @ Tragedy101 - yes, thank you! You understand thank you notes without being offended. ;) I'm afraid I can't really put into words of what it's like to be married, and since I've been married 13 days, I don't try to. :) Marriage always fascinated me as well, but it is - surprisingly - quite normal and not some exotic thing...if that makes sense. I never expected the "normalcy" of being married!!

  5. oh. my. goodness. You guys are so CUTE and ADORABLE and HAPPY!! I love that you love each other so much...if that even made sense...

  6. Awww I can't wait for wedding pictures! Your apartment is too cute! Blessings to you both!


  7. That wedding picture is SO beautiful! I can't wait to see more!
    Thanks for the pictures of your apartment. It looks really nice, clean, and comfortable. And looks like you still love each other, so that's good! Thank you for this little peek into your life.

  8. Did I mention that in the wedding picture you guys look like a prince and princess riding off to fairyland in a carriage? Can't wait to see more wedding pictures! ...and I promise to stop fangirling now....

    1. @ Olivia - haha!! Your comments made me smile. ;) I'm pretty sure that was the vintage coach my photographer's husband hauled down a dirt road. :D I promise, promise, promise, I will put up wedding photos ASAP!! ;)

  9. I'm just smiling as I read this, 'cuz it really does sound familiar. We were so young too, and completely clueless as to what living together actually was like. Just a couple of kids, really, but so passionate for each other that it didn't matter that we did silly things while we "grew up" together. And we really didn't care either that I hadn't the foggiest idea how to cook for the two of us. I may have told you about my "crap pie" that our extended family still talks about to this day? :D I'll never live that one down. It was apple, actually.

    Now almost 25 years and nine children later, I cook expertly. :) Even that elusive apple pie. Sewing, not so much. You've got that one on me! You've got a wonderful road ahead to perfect all those big and little details that make for a happy, contented home.

    Now for an apology.... It never occurred to me that I should warn you of Aidan's tendency to sleep talk...yell...walk...(yes, a few times!) Whoops! I was really laughing when I read about this! Sorry, couldn't help it! But don't worry, it's harmless. LOL. I believe he gets that from his father, though it did lessen significantly over the years. Now he mostly snores. :D

  10. Well, lightning struck my barn RIGHT behind my house, so I have been out of the loop for a while internet-wise. I wish you tons of joy, Bethy. Married life look fabulous. I cannot wait to get there myself. :) I am positively itching too see wedding pictures! Post soon! ♥ Han

  11. Yay! You have an upper apartment! There's so much more scope for the imagination in an upper.

    (Dave sleep talks/yells too. Last night he yelled, "Help!" He woke himself up. Lydia heard him too. I, on the other hand, slept right through it. I guess I'm a better help-meet when I'm awake. *shrug*)


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