5 Stages of Infection | Awkward Update

This is my hair.

Was my hair, actually.
Bad things happen at home.
Highlighting my hair at home was one of them.
If you saw me, you'd understand.

If I had a picture of my thumb, I would show you what it used to look like.
Bad things happen when you open canned olives while babysitting inlaws.
Don't try to pry open a sharp lid with your bare hands. It's 99.99% a very bad idea.

Also, I'm not the herbal remedy kind of girl. So when my husband dumped buckets of cayenne pepper on the open wound (I'm talking FLESH HANGING OUT OF MY USED-TO-BE-PERFECT-THUMB) to stop the bleeding, I was mildly concerned and annoyed that the rest of my hand was now burning from cayenne. (it did stop the bleeding and simultaneously freaked out my dad when I sent a picture and asked, "should I get stitches?" Double Whammy.)

Also, almost throwing up/seeing the world go white as you try to walk to the couch is bad. Like, somehow ending up on the floor bad.
At least I get to wear neon band-aids and watch Good Mythical Morning while my thumb soaks in hydrogen peroxide and fizzles.

I would call the clinic, but it's raining and therefore I can no longer walk there since walking in the rain is probably socially awkward. I'm learning to embrace infection. I think it will help me to learn how to love the hard things.

P.s. Just kidding I'm fine. I hope. 


  1. WAIT!!!!! "JUST KIDDING"??????? So this actually didn't happen? You're thumb is perfectly fine? (I was actually wondering how you were typing on the computer with all this terrible stuff going on...) And, what about your hair? Did you make some awful mistake while highlighting it? Or were you kidding about that too? I HAVE TO KNOW! LOL ~~~Hannah P

    1. @ Hannah - Nope. My thumb is definitely still gaping open and my hair bleached blonde in a very prominent area. Worst week ever. ;) Aidan says it's hot. My sisters are begging me to dye my hair brown again. ;)

    2. Oh okay! I just wasn't sure what the "Just Kidding" in the P.S. meant... but I see now, you're just not DEAD. lol
      I'm sooooooo sorry about your thumb :( That does NOT sound like fun. And I'm almost more sorry about your hair! That's a little more permanent.... ***sigh***
      Thanks for clarifying :) ~~~Hannah

  2. Dominant or inferior?

    If it's your dominant, you should definitely have it looked at by a professional. You don't want to lose that hand, I've been told, with one hand zippers are a nightmare.

    I hope you take good care, and all works out fine. Cans are unforgiving of careless fingers.

  3. Hey Bethany!
    I have been keeping up with your blog for a while but have not commented until now :) I have loved hearing your story - you have encouraged me so much.
    About that thumb though - I don't know if you have heard of this but have you tried super glue? I have used it on a few wounds that should have had stitches and it helped seal up the wound so my skin could heal. Just put the edges of skin together the way they should be normally and put super glue on top. This way the skin stays together so it can seal together again.
    One caution though if you want to try it :) Remove the finger that is applying the glue as soon as possible before the glue dries. When I was little a doctor sealed up a deep gash on my forehead with super glue, which was fine until his thumb was stuck to my head and couldn't get it off. Ya that was when I started screaming. Not fun for a little kid :D
    You totally don't have to try it, I just wanted you to know something that worked for me :)
    Blessings on you Bethany! Have a wonderful weekend!
    ~Psalm 63

  4. Oh man.....that was like the worst night ever........I felt SO bad that I couldn't do anything more for you that night!! Hope your thumb is feeling better. :/
    Also, I seriously think that you look cool with blond hair, and you can hardly tell it is blond when you have your hair up. :D



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