Well hi.

What's it like living without a car? Well, I walk to work in the dark, with a flashlight, a huge sweatshirt, and a pocket-knife. Usually, I can snag a few groceries after work at Wal Mart. It's fine, except for crossing intersection that isn't pedestrian friendly. Pictured are the flowers I cut on my way back home using a "short cut" through the woods. I figured I could also whack any potential bad guys with my plastic Wal Mart bag full of potatoes and apples. Genius!
(I did almost get attacked by angry crows, though.)

I hate grocery shopping. I constantly put off meal planning until a frantic on-the-go shopping trip. (That's when we end up eating beans and rice, macaroni, and tuna salad all week. Grr.)

Aidan has been begging me to start healthifying our eating habits, so I'm trying to find ingredients that spread for 5 packable lunches, 5 packable breakfasts, and all the quick meals I throw together after work. Oh, and somehow make them healthy (no shake 'n' bake chicken! Wah.) What you're looking at is at least an hour and a half worth of notes. Ugh.

 Aidan turned nineteen! We had mocha brownies and something for dinner (I don't remember what. ha.)
This is my hair, parted in the worst spot of blondeness. I've since learned to cope with different hair styles and discovered how to "hide" this monstrosity by putting my hair up. Also, Aidan and I have had some epic work-out afternoons. Meaning, he works out, I make the protein shakes and dish out awful words of encouragement. We did have a squat competition one afternoon. I lost, and the next two days my legs totally cramped to ballistic annoying levels. It was such a REEEEAAALLLY bad idea and the sad realization that I'm pathetically out of shape.


  1. I thought, "Poor Bethany!" when I read that you spent an hour and a half on the meal plan. That's my job every week and it's not my favorite thing ever, but I don't have to cook all week!

    Your hair doesn't look too bad in that picture, and your face is great. :)

    I'm sure I'm more out of shape than you are. I went biking with my youth group a month or two ago and I was behind everyone the. whole. time. All the twelve-year-olds were doing fine and I was tired after the first few miles. It was pretty embarrassing...

  2. Hey, I actually kind of like your hair! idk... I guess at least it looks like it was done on purpose. maybe. The blonde on top and dark on the bottom is kind of cool. You look REALLY different in that picture, though!
    ~~~Hannah P

  3. meal planning can be alot of fun if you have alot of ideas (& money to do them! :)) I'm always glad when I do it but for some reason I just balk at it especially when it has to be quick meals!

  4. Lately, I'm really liking 100 Days of Real Food (it's a .com web address). She even has meal plans right on the website!

    I hate meal-planning and grocery shopping too. (I'd rather clean toilets. For reals.) However...I hate opening the fridge at 4:30 PM saying, "Hmmm....what should I make for dinner?" even more.


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