The World of October

For the record-books

Suddenly - autumn! It's positively as cool as a cucumber in the mornings, complete by raining cats and dogs and blankets of frost. Brr! I am absolutely thrilled that we no longer drain $$ on air conditioning, but rather bummed that walking to work is a freezing ordeal. It's just going to get worse. ^_^

I've got to say, Fall is my season for feeling cute. Haha...I mean cozy scarves are totally my thing. And on days when I get three hours of sleep and have to wear glasses for extreme eye strain - I feel even cuter and smarter. And am I the only one that manages to de-button-ize coats? I still have the other two stuffed in the coat pockets reminding me that I need to sew them back on... That was totally a random paragraph of girliness. Sorry.

I spent last week coughing my brains out on the couch, while Aidan graciously stepped in as emergency supper-bringer-homer (a.k.a Taco Bell.) We also said our last hoo-roar to summer by "grilling out" with our baby grill + steak! Aidan also knows the secret to my happiness by surprising me with that beautiful mocha one morning. It was the best way to start the day - for realsies. Although I can't decide if Acts of Service is my love language....or coffee. Hmmm.

On the side, I'm feeling a little bored and recently started feeling some fall crafting fever. Unfortunately, almost none of the links worked for the these photos except for the paper flowers + watercolor leaves. So check them out if you feel so inclined!

Okay. I'm seriously procrastinating. I've got to fold laundry now before I lose the strength to do so.

Happy fall!


  1. I love the way you decorate! Everything looks so pretty and cozy.

  2. I know! It is really cold.... No more air conditioner! :) Aw... That's sweet, Aidan your "beautiful" mocha. :D

    1. Sorry... I meant "Aidan made your beautiful mocha." Typo. ;)

  3. I love your adorable home!!!! ~~~Hannah P.

  4. You have created a very cozy, beautiful, and welcoming home! Looks like there's lots of love there.

  5. You're beautiful! x Your decor fills me with happiness... gee, I really do love the season.
    ~ Sanjana


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