the not so glamorous side of marriage

The not so glamorous side of marriage is actually just the story of my life with a creative title:
leftovers. Yeah. I normally eat my lunch cold and alone and I hate doing dishes by hand. wah.
End of rant.

This week in a nutshell:
{1} Goody bags for the piano students!
{2} Friday night movie night + homemade pizza
{3} I got the most adorable used car ever.
{4} I went to a fitness center for the first time and died from terror.
{5} Took a selfie with Gumby, who bought an iced vanilla latte through the drive-thru
{6} Visited a haunted house in the middle of the night!
{7} Talked to my twin brother on the phone for the first time in three months!!
{8} Aidan detailed and waxed my car for an entire day because he's sweet ♥
{9} Did a sugar free diet for a week and survived!
{10} Took a fast from electronics, which is whhhhhyyyy I have been absent and have no pictures of anything. :)

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  1. Sounds like a great week to me! I'm interested to hear about your sugar-free diet. I literally eat almost nothing but carbs, soooo I can't imagine going sugar-free.


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