What I Made | Jeggings Comfy Skirt

After I fell off the face of the earth, I:

Incorporated coconut oil into my diet.
Dreamed up new sewing projects.
Drank insanely large amounts of espresso. #CoffeeDeath

Wal Mart actually has fabric. Skirts that are knee-length and comfy are non-existant. Since Wal Mart and I are boredom buddies, I discovered this fabric while aimlessly wandering the aisles...I couldn't resist to do a modern/modest spin on those "jeggings" I've seen everywhere. So, I didn't resist.

1 yrd Jegging Fabric ($6.97)
2 spools of Jean Heavy Duty Thread
The Everyday Skirt tutorial from iCandy

I based my "pattern" from an existing comfy skirt I have. I had a looonnnng pow-wow with my sewing machine, who taught me how to sew with knits after ruining 500+ fabric scraps.

I learned that you should always read sewing manuals. They're actually helpful! Oh. And always iron your seams. Pronto.

The results were so pleasingingly crisp (not a word I usually use to describe my seams) that I about died. I took some amazing high quality photos for you:


The skirt itself was so comfy (I AM TOTALLY MAKING THIS AGAIN!) and would be a quick project now that I know all the knit settings on my sewing machine. The waistband is perfecto (and like I said - COMFY!) and made me forever bury elastic waistbands in my past.

The end! Cheers,


  1. Wow, Bethany! This skirt looks Super comfy, trendy, and cute! Bravo on perfecting sewing with knit :D I have found that knit really is not fun for me to work with. But your sewing does, indeed, look CRISP :)
    ~~~Hannah P.

  2. OH PRETTY! Now I want to sew a skirt... :D


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