The Infallible Guide | Selfies with Pets

It's been awhile since I have shared some secrets gems that hold the key to my insanely talented talents. One of them is (of course!) pet-selfies, and I have decided to give you the once in a lifetime chance of finally getting your hands on the THE BEST EVER infallible pet-selfie guide. Enjoy all these unedited photos in their webcam camera gloriousness.

 UNO / The Endearing Crook of the Arm Pose /
Never of a fail, of course! Your pet will absolutely love to snuggle and look sweet for the camera for .2 seconds.

 DOS / The Pet Smooch Pose /
Who doesn't want to have a smooch from their favorite furry friend?

 Tres / The Howling Doggy Pose /
This one is really sweet and 100% safe.

 Cuatro / The No Biting Muzzle Hold /
This is a tried and true favorite of mine. Great for those nippy dogs!

 CINCO / The Eating of the Hair Pose /
This is slightly on the daring side, but a true winner for all you creative pet-lovers!

 SEIS / The "No" Pose /
If you want to capture all those tender moments you had to tell your dog "no", this is a MUST-DO for you!

SIETE / And Finally, the Copy Cat Pose /
Since I am so talented, this was totally unintentional.
P.s. I lived.

Happy Selfying!
*Disclaimer: Sarcasm*


  1. AWWWWWWWWWW! I loved these photos; you and your dog take a cute selfie. ♥

  2. This is literally the cutest!!!!

    .....and good to see Sven hasn't changed at all. :P

  3. Cute! You certainly have your work cut out for you with that little doggy.

  4. This guide is perfection! My usual dog selfie involves me holding my dog's chin in order for him to look at the camera but instead it looks like I'm choking him :P


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