My Musical Meme Wall

Here's a snippet of my newest project: the piano studio.

I'm a little limited in budget/tools and need to rethink my tape method (this is before it all fell down), but I might as well share my midnight transformation of the piano wall.

I ♥ washi tape! Sven was very helpful eating all the paper scraps from cutting out the letters. My word. I was ready to quit after cutting out the first M! But it was worth it in the end. Very tedious, but at least I used the level someone gave me as a wedding gift.

 I'm planning on doing a "composer of the month" to trick my students into learning all the excitingness of composers. February is going to be for Bach - there's just too many great meme's! But in the meantime, I filled up the blank space with some quirky happiness.

Minus everything peeling off the wall (poster board scotch tape broke it's promise) I'm extremely happy with the results + ready to get my own house so I can actually put nails in the walls instead of relying on tape.

My next project is prettifying the "reading corner" that contains a million chess trophies and all my excess piano books and junk.

~ Bethany


  1. Everything looks so nice!! I love washi tape too. I think I buy too much of it though. Addictions...........

  2. What a cute little music corner! It made me smile just looking at it. You've got a lovely eye for design. BTW, my favorite tape for hanging things on walls is called "Mavalus" tape--very strong and sticky, but comes right off walls when you want it to. I got it at The School House in Green Bay, but maybe it's available elsewhere, too. Have fun decorating your spaces!

  3. This is the cutest! I bet this will stick in your students' memory forever!

  4. I can personally attest to what a fun display this is to look at! Grampa and I had so much fun at your house last week. :)

  5. Can I be you? This looks too cool!

  6. we our sing plasm 100 in the play


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