recap from alive moments

As always, I tend to be way too busy to nap - and those are the worst weeks. As for blogging, without proper naps and the zeal to make ipod picture collages, it just never happens. :)

- Aidan let me come along on a work trip which was really more of an awesome getaway. It was amazing fun, and I learned how to use a French Press and got rear-ended in Minneapolis! Annnd the apartment we stayed at was the cutest.

 - I'm accompanying for various things. All of which involve notebooks upon notebooks of sheet music. And sadly, my sight reading skills stink. I will refrain from mentioning what I think of solo and ensemble vocal accompanying.

- Coffee Fav of the Month: Colombian Narino with an inch and a half of cream + Caramel Machiatto flavoring. FROTHED.

- We had to sell the Sven... I don't want to talk about it - but it happened and I'm trying not to be crabby.

And lastly, I worked Valentine's Day and served Lattes of Love to all the single customers. Here's one of my favs for love songs, because I feel like showering the world with happiness:


  1. Music!! I love it, but sight reading.......my oh my........it doesn't help when you can really play by ear and that's what you enjoy doing. (yeah, rolls eyes playfully at teacher)

    Sven!!!! No!! I read it and felt like crying! I'm so sorry:=(

  2. That's a cute apartment! The old-school TV, typewriter & the piano at the top are so neat! And, i'm sorry about your dog :( I absolutely love large dog breeds, but oh-man the training stage is so hard & they're just bundles of energy!

  3. OH NO!!!!! I'm so sad about Sven..... :( I'm so sorry. I just want to cry.


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