My New Month Resolution | Acne & Paleo and I'm Being Shamelessly Honest

I decided switching up my diet because ACNE.

I said it. :)

I'm not ashamed to be open about my acne, so if this is way TMI, I suggest you politely close the browser and don't judge. Thank you.

BACKSTORY: I've dried out my face with way too many "acne" products that never had lasting results...besides draining my tip jar (I am still a firm believer in Bio Oil, though!) I'm one of those lucky gals who got stuck with all the hormone related acne that blisters under the skin AND no amount of moisturizing or zit-zapping will stem the painful month that stubborn zit inhabits on my face. Ow. Exit self-confidence.

The hubs always insisted sugar triggered acne. In order to refute his claim, I tried one week of sugar-free eating which (much to my chagrin) showed some promising improvement.

I love food.
I love chocolate.
I LOVE lattes (White Chocolate Milky Way!)
Cheetos are my comfort food.
And let's not even talk about Girl Scout Cookie Samoas, por favor.

Am I the kind of girl that can go a year without coffee? Nope.
So I decided to go one month and see what happens instead of dragging through a year

1) It's a good keyword to type into pinterest for meal ideas (that's important!)
2) It's a diet that already eliminates food-related acne triggers

Which, in case you're wondering, are *supposedly*: dairy, sugar, grains, and anything that's been processed. Basically, primitive eating. Which is another word for:

The second day was the hardest. I cheated a bit on lunch with some flat-bread because I honestly felt like I needed something to keep me going besides fresh fruits and veggies and that awful paleo chicken nugget recipe (tip: um...just don't go there.) And I put cheese on my salad. That helped me get through the first day.

I quickly learned the pros of keeping meat thawed in the fridge at all times. I went through an entire block of ham this week...because FOOD IS ALWAYS ON MY MIND LATELY. It's amazing how much food your body needs when it's not all bagels. *facepalm*

I also learned that I underestimated the power of fruit and ran out halfway through the week.

DISGUSTING FOODS: Just because I'm dieting doesn't mean I force myself to eat things I dislike. I'm terrible at making smoothies without DAIRY, so I've since banned myself from using the Ninja and wasting perfectly good fruit (which is gold, in my opinion.) And that Kale Naked Smoothie Aidan bought me for my Solo & Ensemble Crazy Piano Accompanying Adventure? Yeah. Sorry. No. *gag*

DETOX WATER: I started drinking lemon water with cucumber and mint (recipe HERE.) Apparently, it's also good for your skin. As it is, I don't really care either way, because it tastes absolutely amazing.  Plus, it looks super cool in a water bottle, and that's all that really matters, right?(p.s. it's dirt cheap to make. minus the mint. which can be omitted because you can't taste it at all. and store-bought mint is gross. the end.)

TEA LATTES: Working at a coffee shop while giving up coffee is the absolute worst. I hate Paleo, but we're unfortunately committed for this month. Instead, I take home a tea latte made from loose-leaf sweet berry tea, sweetened with honey, and steeped in hot water and almond milk. Yum.

CONCLUSION: I'm almost a week through Paleo eating! It's surprisingly way cheaper to eat Paleo (my grocery bill was insanely LOW! PALEO FOR THE WIIIIINNNNN!!!) and it's a fun challenge to find something new that Aidan and I will both like (like bacon wrapped chicken. yes. yes. yes.)

What do you think of Paleo? You should try it for a day!


  1. Here is an amazing article that may just interest you. God bless your healing journey!

  2. Despite how awful the chicken nuggets apparently are, everything up there looks incredibly delicious! ♥
    PS I am back at Brain Lint ;)

  3. You're brave. I try to eat healthy and I do for the most part, but I like my coffee. Maybe one day .. .

  4. I'm glad Paleo seems to be working for you! I wrote a paper on the science for/against it in my biology last year -- super interesting! I'm too much a fan of carbs to try it myself. ;)

  5. It's great that you're giving this a try! Way to go! It's never easy to make drastic diet changes. I bet you will notice a lot more benefits that come from healthier eating as well. Sugar and processed food is destructive to the body in so many ways. One word of encouragement: you may want to give it quite a bit more than a month to see the best results. It takes quite a while for the body to heal and detox and for hormones to adjust, depending on the condition. Just want you not to give up too soon, if you don't see the results you want right away. :) Good luck! Feel free to call if you need any help. I love talking about food. :)


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