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DISCLAIMER: my raw and unedited ramble for today. enjoy me being frank and honest, because it's not something i normally do.

I'm always pregnant.
Me every.single.month for 8 months: "yep. this is it. I'm pregnant."
The truth is that pregnancy tests are expensive. So patience is a virtue, as is not getting your hopes up (take notes young-married-unpregnant-ladies.) And I'm just writing so everyone knows I'm not pregnant and I don't appreciate that question. thank you.

I can't wait for evenings. Evenings mean food and Aidan will finally be home and I can officially say hello (my groggy yawn at 5:30 doesn't count, apparently.) Most of the time, we do really boring stuff...like sitting at the table waiting for the dishes to wash themselves. It's great. He taught me how to play Black Ops and I lose every single time. For the record, I also occasionally work out with him because I'm nice. Even though I'm terrified of gyms and have no upper body strength whatsoever.
I feel bad, because he's super hot and I hate working out. There's nothing toned about my tummy. This girl loves her lattes. :P

8 months in April! It's almost a year...crazy, no? I'm not even nineteen yet. Which is fine, because I still feel like a teenager. Except for the fact that I run my own house and have the liberty to smooch my husband for hours without feeling rebellious. But other than that, I don't feel old at all. I'm pretty sure any girl that sits cross-legged on the floor at work drinking a latte and sorting through books is definitely not what comes to mind when you think wifey.
Whatevers. People still think I look twelve. Married or not.

We're moving. Aidan is going into Criminal Justice and switching careers to the police force. Right. This is the first time I've officially mentioned it here, so...tada! It's happening. For reals. I'm chill with it except that I really do not want to move our sleeper couch down the stairs again.

And we're having tuna pasta salad tonight. Yay.
I'll leave now because....dishes.


  1. LOL -- all of this. Is so true. For this recently 2 year married wife and her handsome man.

    I can't count the times I hoped/was convinced/bought the tests worth their weight in gold only to discover that I'm not yet preggo. It all began the first month I was married -- 2 years ago. And it still goes on. Tip: their are $.88 tests at Walmart that work great. They really help the budget-friendly couple.

    Also, sometimes I workout with my CERTIFIED personal trainer husband. But I do not drink his protein because ew. (Hahaha ... not really but sort of.)

    Being able to smooch (for hours) and not feel rebellious is a great part of being married.

    And yay!! Congratulations on your moving news!! What a fun thing to do together. Once, my man and I packed our belongings and moved into our new rental in three days ... without telling anyone. Just because we thought taking a picture in our new living room with our furniture set-up would be a great joke. (It was.)

    1. @ Frannie - AHHH. Refreshing to know I'm no going crazy. ;) The reason I've probably never used the $.88 is because I always make Aidan buy them for me. I hate that aisle. He's such a brave husband. ;)

      Haha...I highly doubt I could have a sane house in three days - but I'm sure it was a surprise!

    2. @ Frannie - AHHH. Refreshing to know I'm no going crazy. ;) The reason I've probably never used the $.88 is because I always make Aidan buy them for me. I hate that aisle. He's such a brave husband. ;)

      Haha...I highly doubt I could have a sane house in three days - but I'm sure it was a surprise!

  2. Bethany.
    You make me more and more aware of the fact that I am single and that I want to be married.
    I am so proud of you guys for getting married young, despite the odd looks that you've obtained I ship ya'll. ;)
    As always, miss your posts :)

  3. I'm not even married and I still freak out on occasion wondering if I'm pregnant (it's ridiculous and impossible. Doesn't mean my head doesn't do gymnastics if my cycle is late.) WHY. Surely I should know better (I mean, science. It's easy.) Lollll.

    Good luck with your move! Also be glad you have someone to work out with. Because working out on your own is not half as fun, and it's a lot harder to stay motivated without someone to kick your bum if you don't. XD

  4. What does this mean for piano lessons?!?!?!

  5. Dear Bethany,

    I haven't commented in foreeeeever, but I got married the same day you did and commented on some of your wedding posts at the time.

    You're not crazy! I promise you! I'm right there with you, without even trying, my hopes rise skyscraper high every single month, then tears fall like a waterfall when time reveals 'nope!'. Only, a little differently than you, I was pregnant. Very few people know, but I miscarried our first beloved little one 7 weeks into marriage when I was about 5 weeks along. It was first of all physically extremely painful, but emotionally and spiritually even more so. To make matters worse, a girl I know who married a few weeks after me announced her pregnancy the very week I was miscarrying mine. Oh and another married girl is due the exact same time I would have been and just moved to my city. Sometimes I look down at my flat stomach and burst into tears. I should have a gigantic belly by now. I should be almost 7 months pregnant by now. But God ordained differently. (Not to mention it's been torture each month since the miscarriage because my hormones are still all messed up so I can't even read my own body. Which, of course, makes my hopes increase all the more.) It's been the roller coaster ride to beat all roller coasters, but through it all God is good and He has been teaching me so much. He's been breaking me of my pride, forcing my eyes to fix on Him, after all, He is the Author of Life and even the heartbreak of losing our precious baby is a part of His perfect plan. I just wanted to write and encourage you that God's got us even in this time of waiting, and I'm waiting with ya sister. Sometimes with tears and nearly all the time with impatience, but I'm learning to thank God even for the painful things, like long waits. I've been learning how to hope in the Lord in a trusting way, not in a subconscious 'if you answer my prayer God then I'll trust you' way. We named our baby Trust, and as much as my arms ache to hold our precious baby, I know he/she is in the arms of Jesus. I'll be praying that the Lord blesses you and your husband with babies and that He will comfort you and give you peace in His timing.

    Love in Christ!

    1. Hello Savannah!
      WE TOTALLY NEED TO MEET UP!! I'm excited to know I have a married "twin" to share this crazy new life with!! SERIOUSLY.

      I'm absolutely heartbroken to hear about your precious baby! As a girl with really weird hormones too, I've been absolutely terrified of preggo-ness for the same reasons. But you are spot on in recognizing God's perfect plan, even in the midst of such a trial! I'm so sorry!!

      I absolutely love your heart. ♥♥♥ Thanks for sharing it!!
      ~ Bethany

  6. "I don't appreciate that question" I'm sorry, Bethany! hahaha But.. you know... pinterest is a great rumor starter ;) Sounds great!! Hope you two are doing awesomely!

    1. Haha. Well, baby fever = baby boards. ;) It's an okay question on the internet, but real life is insanely awkward. 0_o

  7. Thanks for sharing your heart, Bethany! <3 Great post!


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