I can't wait for thanksgiving.

I never knew I was lazy...but goodness. Lately I could barely open my eyes in the morning. Poor Aidan had to deal with a crabby/sleepy wife, because all girls are crabby after 28 days. no shame.

My miserable countdown on my cycle ended abruptly with an itty bitty cramp on one side of my stomach. Kinda odd...

First off, instincts are real. They're just that: instincts. 
My body jumped right out of teenage hormone mode and jumped straight into mama bear maternity jeans.
My body woke me up that morning just nonchalantly relaying the news that, "hey, no big deal, but we're preggers!!"
And that was that.

Nothing was ever so predictable as the two pregnancy tests I took (because, of course, I'm never going to trust one positive test. *facepalm*) I wish I knew pregnancy felt so pregnant instead of wasting all my other pregnancy tests!

Hubby was informed later that night with a box full of donuts...

Which he sweetly replied: "but...you're not fat..."
It took plan B...

...to finally get him to realize he was going to be a daddy.
Needless to say, he got the hint.  :)
We're eagerly expecting baby Durie sometime around Thanksgiving and we couldn't be happier!

P.S. Long time no post? For a baby the size of a grape, it's insane what morning sickness can do to a gal. Eeck. :)


  1. oh my goodness! so exciting!! congrats :)

  2. Wow, that's wonderful! Congratulations! Hope the morning sickness gets better soon. :)

  3. AHHH! I'm so happy for you guys!!! I love how you announced it to your husband! This post literally made my day. <3

  4. Again, I am SO HAPPY for you both!!! Congrats congrats congrats :D I LOVE how you creatively told Aidan the news too... very fun and sweet ;)~~~Hannah P.

  5. Ahhhh! I'm so excited for you! You're going to be the sweetest mama! Congratulations!

    Your idea for the pregnancy announcement for Aidan was so creative! <3

  6. Congratulations!!! So happy for you guys! I'll be praying for you and the baby!


  8. IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU. *all the dancing*

  9. AHHHHH!!!!! Happy dance for you two!! AH. Hearts, hearts, hearts!!!!

    Also, the donuts idea was darling ... I may snatch that for my future purposes.

    I pray blessings on you as you venture down this delightful road of life. Having tried to get pregnant for over 2 years I've learned a few things one of which is **take time to delight in everything.** You are fostering life and every cramp, inch of waistline, throw-up is something. LOL. Not that I am counseling you ... maybe I'm living my nonexistent pregnancy through you ... that's weird. Plus, who can enjoy throwing up? Certainly not me.

    So, maybe you should just ignore all my words. Because I've heard from Preggo friends that advice starts coming from all sources and that's just plum exhausting and silly and you certainly don't need to hear everyone's opinion.


    Anyways, blessings and joy and love to you. This makes me happy.

  10. I KNEEEEWWWW IT!!!!!! Lol Congratulations!!! So exciting. I can't wait!! I'll be praying for your pregnancy and delivery <3



  11. AHHHH!!! That is so exciting, Bethany! Many, many congratulations!!!!!

  12. Dawwww! Congratulations again!!! What a cute way to tell hubby! :)

  13. Oh my gosh
    actual tears
    oh my gosh
    I am so freaking happy for you two. I bet Aiden is so stoked in the most precious manner. Guys and kids. How much cute can exist beyond that? So SO SO happy for you, babe. ♥

  14. Congrats! how exciting!


  15. You are going to make a wonderful mommy. Love ya. :)

  16. Aww! I just started following your blog and this was the first post I saw. Congratulations. :D


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