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Besides being preggo, life continues to be crazy! I never got to mention the bridal shower we threw for the big sister and the raw egg I spilled all over the back of my car.
(it's still all over my laptop as I speak. gross.)
I'm ready to trek to Michigan in May and watch her walk down the aisle. *YAYS!*
The shower was at pinterest perfection, complete with really yummy punch I'm still dreaming about. All this wedding planning brings back so many horrific memories of my crazy summer. Bailey seems to be taking it quite calmly, despite scrambling to finish her senior year.

My twin came back home for two weeks! We all carpooled to Minneapolis to pick him up and made some epic signs that got quite a few stares. ;)
They read: "Silly Pook" "Hello Pook" and "Yo Dupe"

We're totally normal, of course. Weirdness is our way of expressing happiness I guess??

HEY IT'S US! Aidan and I signed a lease for our new apartment. I'm pretty much freaking out about moving, but he keeps me motivated by buying chocolate and bubble bath and keeping me stocked on fruit loops and orange juice. And subway.
I will work for subway. or blueberry muffins. or soup. or cream cheese and chive crackers. #bringonthecarbs

Baby update cuz why not:
Baby is 9 weeks and constantly hungry. I eat like a bird, so making sure I have snacks every hour is a hard habit to get into. I dislike just about everything that I used to love (don't get me started on eggs, meat, leftovers, or coffee!!!) and sometimes eating just involves gagging on every swallow. And eating good stuff for baby? Well. fail.

THE BUMP: There's a teensy weensy barely noticeable belly bump going on down there! It's really addicting to rub and say hi to baby all.the.time. Aidan is guilty, too.
And baby dreams? The weirdest. I keep giving birth to twins. ^_^
I'm ready for these first few weeks to be over so I can feel more "officially" pregnant and maybe not as yucky 24/7. We'll see. :)


  1. Awww, y'all look so cute and happy :D
    Maybe you're going to have twins and you just don't know it yet ... ? lol

  2. I didn't realize Bailey's wedding was so close! Congrats to her!

    Also these updates posts always kinda make my day. I love how honest and unfiltered your blog is. ^_^


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