7 Roses | One Year Ago

Last year on May 5th, my dreamy man made me walk in the sweltering heat down some old train tracks just to ask me if I would be his forever. We've been married 10 happy months, with little durieto 12 weeks on it's way.
I don't know what I'd do without Aidan by my side. He's truly my best friend, closest ally, super duper handy man, and ever convenient jar opener. ;)
Also, he's more than happy to feed me food. Which is like my goal in life 24/7.

Right! We moved! I hated every moment of boxing up stuff, but it was absolutely satisfying to deep clean an apartment. I was gone all weekend, but Aidan was amazing at surprising me with a completely unpacked home at our new apartment the next day!

During all this last-minute moving, I had made previous plans to help backstage with the homeschool play (the same group where Aidan and I met!) Somehow I ended up as a makeup artist, too. I'm afraid I can't boast about my cat-eye skills or cupids-bow lining expertise. 0_o

I celebrated my first mother's day on Sunday. It just feels illegal for me to be included in that. My stars, I'm old. My best present was hearing baby's heartbeat the next day! I was so terrified we wouldn't hear anything, but my fear instantly left the moment we all heard that cutie's little racing heartbeat!!
 (Also, I couldn't stop laughing because those things tickle and I tend to laugh when I'm emotional. BABY!!!)

Also, I ate one box of strawberries in one sitting.
What have I become?

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  1. Hahaha! I love everything about this post but most of all...DURIETO!!! That is the most adorable name I heard :) Are you showing already or not quite?

    1. Durieto started from my little sister Caroline pointing out that our last name sounds similar to Doritos. :)
      I'm showing a wee bit. It's in an awkward flabby stage, so I'm really self-conscious about EVERYTHING I WEAR. But it's exciting to have a little baby belly to rub and talk to in the mornings...

  2. This is the cutest post EVER!!! :D
    Hey, you guys moved already...!?!?! Did you still get my grad party invite in the mail? ~~~Hannah P.

    1. We did! I emailed you back from an ancient email about coffee I discovered - but my email won't send!! But we had all our mail forwarded. :) We'll totally be there for the ceremony, and depending on how Saturday goes we might try to make it in the evening!

  3. Oh good! ;) That's okay about the email, lol.
    Sounds great! I found out that Sarah's graduation part is the SAME DAY!!! :( I hope you are able to make it to my party later on for a while... but I will understand if you can't.

  4. Bethany! I miss your posts! How's baby Durieto doing?


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