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Woohoo! Time to break out some really horrific iphone photos!

It's already too wonderful to work as a barista in my hometown. But it was definitely too, too wonderful when I got assigned hand-lettering our old menu!
Oh, my stars. Hand me chalkboard paint pens and I'm in heaven. Plus, I got to write on old windows (which has definitely been on my unwritten hand-lettering bucket list!)

Here's our beloved old chalkboard wall that needed some TLC after 12 years. The new owner was going for a more shabby chic look and thought my soup of the day signs were impressive. That's how I ended up lugging two antique windows in the back of my yellow beater *praaaaaaying* they wouldn't break the whole ride home! (they didn't)

Credit for creativity goes to my iced latte on the left. ;)  I think I spent a good hour just mapping it out on paper and getting some inspiration from pinterest. And then re-mapping it out on paper and getting some more inspiration from pinterest.

After three hours, I sorta went into zombie mode where anything goes. Erasing is so unfulfilling. I eventually went back and added a little coffee mug with the shop name to fill a blank spot in the upper left corner.

This window was my favorite! These are all our *fun* drinks, so I ditched my washi tape guidelines and just free-handed everything.
I went through an entire season of Once Upon a Time working on these babies! Eeck!
We've had some fabulous feedback at the shop, along with a few skeptical guys who thought it was a little too feminine. Until, of course, they discovered their *beloved barista* was the creator. They had to win back my favor in order to reduce the risk of coffee grounds in their coffee. ;)



  1. This is so cool Bethany! You are so talented in hand lettering. ;)

  2. It is gorgeous! I absolutely love it. Great job.

  3. BEAUTIFUL. Also, because I have to ask, which season of Once? I watched almost the whole show this summer...oops...

    1. That would be the one with Peter Pan (season 3?) I positively couldn't wait for him to die. Totally hated neverland. ;)

  4. Wow! That's amazing. Incredible job, Bethany! :)

  5. Wow! A whole season of Once Upon a Time?!?!?! You really must have been busy! And they look SOOOOOO cool! Awesome job ;) Your boss is going to love you <3

  6. Hahaha! Your customers are hilarious. ;) I can't tell if it's too feminine or not, because it just looks SO good and so YOU. I am completely impressed by your talent!!!


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