Glorious Teen Wifehood and My Really Bad Fails at Frugality

Welcome to the world of big cities, where only one expensive wifi provider exists with rising costs every month! #adulting
p.s. we skipped wifi altogether - thus my absence.

The Hubs and I are transitioning into married college life with a baby on the side. Our grand visions of selling one of our cars for some extra $$ promptly ended when we hydroplaned off the highway in the middle of the night. Technically, it was my fault. In the name of frugality, I insisted we wait until winter to change the bald tires. BRILLIANT, RIGHT?!
Lesson Learned: always take advantages of bathroom breaks, because you never know when you will be pregnant and stranded in a mosquito infested marsh with taller than human weeds.

Speaking of failed frugality, bulk cooking. Following my pinterest mom's meal plan, I bought a week of groceries for just over $50 (breakfast, lunch, and dinner!) and spent FOUR HORRIFIC HOURS putting together frozen meals, pre-made lunches, and healthy snack bins in the fridge. Such endeavors have been (so far) very helpful during the week. Not sure if Aidan agrees it was worth the hysterical meltdown I had mid-preparation via phone. He brought me Subway. I guess working an early morning shift + grocery shopping + two hours of driving + four hours of meal prep = the recipe for one very crabby Bethany.

But my frugality does sometimes pay off. After my halfway mark in pregnancy, my pathetic baby bump completely exploded. Maternity clothes are akin to anything wedding related: a marketing scam. Although, I do really love my one maternity skirt I have (it's like heaven for abdomens.) Maxi dresses, tunics, and yoga pants are officially my go to...and unfortunately for fashion, Aidan's tshirts are starting to look very appealing. I did my emergency second trimester shopping at the local Goodwill for a whopping $50. Plus the dollar I donated in charity to avoid awkwardly saying no. :)

BABIES! Baby Durieto is going strong at 21 weeks and we get to discover the gender of our little tater tot next week! The world of insurance companies and hospitals bills is brutally confusing and I'm really not gonna lie when I say they're completely un-enjoyable. But it's worth the trouble for a baby, I suppose. :)
This babe is constantly active. The moment I sit down (especially at night) I am met by a barrage of little baby kicks to keep me company. Definitely ***prettaaay*** adorable.

But...I am starting to wish pregnancy wasn't so long...
All those "happy pregnant" feelings are being replaced with cranky pregger hormonal woman grouchiness who just wants to sleep on her belly and drink Pepsi and cuddle a baby that's not subtly draining the life out of her. And I still forget my prenatal pills and have insomnia over the fact that we ran out of granny smith apples (Oh no! What will I pack for a snack at work? I'm going to lose my breakfast mid making a cappuccino! and other such stupid pregnant thoughts in the middle of the night.)

And that is my ghost internet connection update! You may or may not hear from me again in a reasonable amount of time. :)

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