Motherhood Confession / I Stink at Baby Bump Selfies

I'm not photogenic and unfortunately, personal baby bumps don't look so cute on yourself compared to all those cute pinterest photos. And that photo above is mild baby bump taken a few weeks back...before I popped and instantaneously outgrew 85% of my wardrobe. Time to move on to Aidan's tshirts. ;)

DEEP DARK TRUTH: I don't have a cute maternity wardrobe, I don't take monthly bump pictures, and I definitely do not instagram my cute outfit of the day. To fill the void of maternity fashion in my life, I decided to look up tips for dressing up the bump and looking cute. At least for one afternoon. I even fake curled my hair for the first time in months.

MY ONE DAY HOUR EXPERIENCE: I *did* shop at Aldi's wearing my new maternity skirt (which is deliciously comfy!) and followed the rule of "creating a waist" with the only belt that fit my pretend waist. After my brief excursion in the real world as a stylish momma, my body was begging for that ridiculous belt to come off AND it was honestly way too hot to be wearing anything but short sleeves.
So that was that.

For what I lack in cuteness, my baby sure fills in for me! I can't get over this sweet little face the ultrasound technician captured! I kept wiping away tears (hoping my mascara wouldn't get on the hospital pillow...) the entire stinking time. BABY! I totally put this up on my fridge so I see it every morning.

P.S. Today is 24 weeks! Yay!


  1. OH! You are so cute, Bethany! And funny...I truly enjoy your comments. And the face of my first greatgrand! Oh my gosh!!

  2. Aw, Bethany - SO CUTE!!!

    I only had about three cute outfits per trimester... I quickly found out that I needn't feel bad. My two pregnant friends were also wearing the same thing for church every week. It just goes with the territory. Lol!

    Also: your little one is so sweet!!! Nothing like seeing then for the first time!!

  3. Aww, you look cute :) And so does the baby! Looks like he/she is sleeping peacefully.

  4. Oh my heart....you're both so beautiful!

  5. Awwww!!! Your baby is so adorable!!! <3 :D And so are you ;)

  6. Honestly, I don't care if you're in a cute outfit, I just want to see the bump. So thanks for sharing! :D

  7. Baaaaaby! And cute sissy!! <3 You still always manage to look cute and stylish whenever I see you. *Obviously* you dress up for me. ;)


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