1 Year of Mawwige

We're still alive.
I feel a little more confident, now that our yearly trial is over and we still adore each other despite the cat fights and all the accidental amazon prime memberships I signed up for. sorry.

Now you're off to college and we're clinging to our little part-time jobs and having baby name date nights! Instead of romantic evening walks, we've since adjusted to eat. sleep. repeat. It may not always be a whirlwind of romance, but I love sharing every single BORING MUNDANE moment with you!
We're family now. I come home to you, and I can't replace that feeling anywhere else. With you, I am 100% me, able to share 100% of whatever bizarre emotional soup I've cooked up that day.

Home is walking into the room and chocking freshly sprayed Axe, seeing your work out clothes on the floor and knowing you're somewhere near in case I need you to grab a cooking pot. You put a smile on my crabby pants by playing Michael Buble during dinner prep and laughing your Winnie the Pooh laugh.

We're both fiesty and headstrong, and I'm really sorry for all the times I made grocery shopping miserable. You are best at solving any problem, whether it be financial, household, or emotional. So, while I try to be Miss Frugal Princess, you pick up the pieces I leave behind and calm all my budget woes and tantrums.

Being married is like being best friends, worst enemies, mental patients, and squabbling siblings all at once. I've made you cry, scream, laugh, and somehow we're still okay and you still love me. 
(I know you love me. you buy me watermelon.)

If you could choose again, I'm pretty sure you'd still fall for me - but perhaps demand I work on my upper body strength. That way I can help you efficiently when your back gives out and actually lift a sleeper couch up apartment stairs without getting the neighbor to help (and we squashed him against the wall accidentally! *awkward*)

I chose you one year ago, and it was a good choice. I have absolutely no regrets; only anticipation for the future!
You're going to make a great daddy and a great student, just like you've been such a great husband. I love you so much, and I'll always keep choosing you! :)


  1. Happy Anniversary! Keep on loving each other.

  2. "Being married is like being best friends, worst enemies, mental patients, and squabbling siblings all at once." Truth.

    Congrats on one year!! Looks like this upcoming one will be an absolute whirlwind of happy things!

  3. So sweet. Congrats to you two! <3


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