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 5:45 AM: Annoying alarm and three snoozes later, he wakes up to go donate plasma (he does this twice a week for extra $$.) As soon as the door shuts, I blissfully take over our entire queen bed, while baby wakes up and tries to punch my full body pillow.
*We interrupt this blog post to take a moment of silence in appreciation of full body pillows. Thank you.*

7:00 AM: Not doing so great. I'm the hot pregnant mess spilling orange juice all over the counter and forgetting to grease the pan for eggs.
I wasted two fried eggs and dirtied one perfectly good pan. ugh.
I will not lie, I feel very proud making breakfast for my husband before school. All my CNA classes on an empty stomach gave me enough experience to know that the secret to great learning is a good breakfast. I sorta feel like every other mom sending their baby off to school (except that we forgot to take a picture by the front door on the first day!)

12:00 PM: He arrives to the smell of burnt quesadillas. It's nothing sour cream and salsa can't fix, but still. My middle name should've been Burnt. For realsies. We both agree, corn tortillas are not worth the extra cents saved. Gross.

1:00 PM: He works out with the bro that kinda lives here. This makes me crabby, because I'm lonely and just woke up (again) two hours ago.

2:45 PM: Means home and nap time with an already napping wife. Aidan switches to his snazzy mall security uniform (which I did not iron...) and attempts to wake up still napping wife...who refuses and keeps napping.

3:45 PM: The stoplights on the way to the mall are the absolute worst. We both have a contest to see who can complain the loudest about the distracted driver in front of us. Aidan says I'm the crazy driver. He's crazier, though.
3:50 PM: We kiss goodbye - he leaves - and I realize he forgot his pink water bottle. I also discover he's been digging in the change jar to buy some caffeine to get through the afternoon. I don't know whether to feel sorry for him or upset that he's digging through the change jar that's supposed to be for date nights. :)

4:00 PM: I start supper and clean up the house, only to clean it up again because supper makes more dishes (HOW DO I MAKE THIS MANY DISHES?!) Two hours goes in a flurry of mostly doing dishes and other randomness. I manage to load up all the food, go fix my pathetic head of hair, and hunt down that forgotten water bottle. I drive back to the mall, take a seat outside the security office, and pretend to look totally normal with my gigantic chevron tote bag stuffed full of food. If I wasn't married to one of the security officers, I'm pretty sure I'd be suspicious. But then again, who's going to blame anything on a pregnant lady? Power.
Baby is fascinated with my waistband and will not stop rubbing my tummy. Or maybe baby is hungry when I am? Or I'm hungry when baby is hungry? At any rate, my tummy is visibly moving for all to see.
I'm still pretending to act natural.

6:30 PM: Annnnd there he is talking to a couple who got locked out of their car. He always grins when he sees me, which usually makes my crab face turn to a smile, too. We speed walk to the food court (me half jogging to keep up and half dying because of the heavy tote bag.) A total of 20 minutes is all we have to eat supper together in the hot mezzanine of the mall.
P.S. It smells like bathroom up there.

7:50 PM: Back to rushing. I hug him goodbye and walk out to the car...alone.
I ain't gonna lie: sometimes I cry down that lonely crosswalk and hope all the bored people waiting for the bus don't notice. I miss my husband. And my tummy aches.

Guys. The only reason I hate being married is primarily because of dishes.

7:00 PM: I try to find something to do for the remaining three hours. For example, I refashioned spit-stained onesies one night. And did more dishes.

9:50 PM: I grab the keys and head out once more. The parking lot creeps me out at night. Okay, actually every parking lot freaks me out at night. I try to park as close to the security vehicles as possible and always lock my doors, which automatically unlock when I put the car in park. It's like my car is on the side of all the bad guys out for vulnerable women in the dead of night. Traitor.
My hubs comes eventually, and I usually forget to unlock the door to let him in. Oops.

10:10 PM: We drive home. The traffic lights are long. Aidan usually doesn't remember anything I tell him on this ride home. It's an ongoing science experiment of mine.
I nose dive in bed and steal his comfy gel pillow while he winds down and checks the news. We might eat some cereal and talk about randomness. Or drink huge glasses of milk and just sit on the couch, breathing in the fact that the day is finally done.

He's says I'm the glue that holds us together. I don't exactly believe that, as my job is pointless without him there.
But it makes me smile. 
So does the fact that I can finally go to sleep.
Such is life.


  1. Awww, I like your little posts like this :) Y'all are so cute!

    1. @ Laura Elizabeth - thank you! I'm trying my best to keep up on chronicling our young married life. :)

  2. You guys are so cute! I love hearing about the little adventures that make up your life. :D

  3. Note of encouragement... being pregnant really does make doing ANYTHING so. stinkin'. hard. It sounds like you're doing awesome getting through. You will be amazed at how wonderful you feel, physically, once the little one gets out of you. After the first difficult newborn period, life will get way easier and more fun.

  4. And God said, "It is not good for man to be alone." I'm glad ya'll have each other!


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