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Ah, nothing like a good gender reveal!
(spoiler: this isn't a gender reveal.)

Have you ever walked in BabiesRUs? If you have not had the chance to shop there, let me enlighten you: it is the most overwhelming store you will ever set foot in.

It's tiny in an overbearing way and stuffed full of items, 80% of which I had no idea existed in the global market of baby products. Pacifier warmers, bottle drying racks, special nightlights, etc. etc. All at extreme prices (sale or no sale.) I swear you could buy a cute casual dress for the price of baby booties.

All that to say, I spent three hours in BabiesRUs and Wal Mart, trying to find a baby gift for a friend that fit my budget and satisfied my idea of a very unique (AND practical!) baby gift.

"In my opinion," hypothesized the toothless lady cutting fabric at Wal Mart, "anything homemade is from the heart. It's the thought that counts, and that's what makes it special. I always make gifts for my family and friends. But my dad's side of the family thinks it cheap, so I no longer visit them on holidays."
(this was the very condensed version of our conversation - or rather - her side of the conversation.)

Two things to note: 1) I buy my fabric from Wal Mart (I know, it's shameful!) and 2) I'm a sucker for bowties. I promise I tried my hardest to resist the urge to DIY my very own version of these suspender onesies, but I succumbed. It turns out that stores are very pro-girls. There was one desolate pack of boy onesies to choose from, compared to the entire rack of princessy butterflies and cotton candy exploding on the right.

Finished product! I don't own a baby as of right now, but I'm pretty sure bowties are a bit impractical (what happens when that baby spits up?) But DANG. Who isn't going to cry over a baby wearing a suspender onesie?

Overall happiness with this project would probably be a 9. Minus the fact that I had to stay up until midnight and get up four hours later to open at work. 0-0

However, during my next month of unemployment/couch potato-ness, I plan on doing some more onesie creating for my own little peanut. :)

Until then!


  1. Awww, they're so cute!!! I bet your friend loved them.

    The Wal-Mart lady sounds entertaining. Unless you were in a time crunch...

  2. Oh, those look so cute all folded up and arranged. . . and I am not even really into bow ties. Yeah, stores are probably overboard on girls clothes, but girls are going to be dressing baby boys, so there should be more options for until the boys get too old for Mom's style.

  3. guuuurl those little onesis are just about the cutest thing I've ever seen! I have some friends who are having a baby boy and I just might have to try and DIY one of those for them...

    Nice job! So excited for you!!

  4. What a great job you did on the onesies..so cute!
    I've had similar discussions (re family members not appreciating handmade gifts) with total strangers myself. There are a lot of unappreciative people out there.

    Please don't feel bad about using Wal-Mart fabric. I hear so many quilters say they ONLY buy from quilting shops...they would NEVER buy from Wal-Mart or Jo-Ann's! They don't take into consideration that some of us are on very limited incomes...their snobbery can be very hurtful. In the grand scheme of things...not so important! :)

  5. Those are the cutest things I've ever seen!!!

  6. Super cute!!!! by the way don't feel bad about the Wak-Mart fabric. that's where I buy mine:)

  7. These are the most adorable things EVER... :D


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