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The last time I wore a hospital gown, I was six years old.
As a twin, my checkups were scheduled with my brother on the same day, with the same doctor, in the same room. I remember loudly complaining when they made us wear hospital gowns. I didn't like the idea of my daddy and twin bro catching a glimpse of my Cinderella underwear through the back of the backless hospital gown. 

I'm not a labor expert, but being upset about an open back hospital gown is pretty ridiculous. I mean. I'd much rather have an exposed back than exposed anything else, but obviously, I don't really have much say in that when it comes to labor.

My bone to pick with hospital gowns is that they're ugly, scratchy, and unfamiliar. I think you should have something beautiful, cozy, and familiar in a really messy, awkward, uncomfortable situation. Like labor, for instance.

IF I have to labor in the middle of November, I'm going to make sure I labor comfortably and fashionably in a nice maternity robe. I don't believe in spending money (especially on shipping), so naturally, I began dreaming of making my own, with a little help from the internet.

As it turns out, Pinterest has a lengthy collection of hideous maternity gown tutorials that look like a pillow case dress gone wrong. Am I going to tie a ridiculous satin bow around my swollen abdomen?! Eh, no. After hours of searching, I finally found a bridesmaid robe tutorial on youtube that I thought would suffice, if I gave it a little growing room. **THAT AWKWARD MINI SKIRT LENGTH. BLECH.**

Credits go to Silk & More / Pink Blush Maternity / Comfy Mommy
^^ Here's my lovely inspiration board.
I loved the drape of the robes at Pink Blush, so I made a mental note to include a rayon blend as my fabric choice. Being an ignorant seamstress, I have absolutely no idea what rayon is. My fabric store had no rayon blends, so  I opted for a tribal peachy bolt, even though it was 100% rayon. No big dealio, right?

My first mistake was choosing rayon fabric. It was so deliciously soft, but absolutely a pain to cut. Atually, it was very nearly impossible to cut.
Might I also add that sitting cross-legged on the floor at 35 weeks pregnant really hurts. My crabbiness + frustration on a scale of 1-10 easily made it to 50.
(notice my beautiful tissue paper pattern, which was also unnecessarily painful to deal with.)

Thankfully, rayon isn't too difficult to sew with, which is a miracle. But I admit, the comfiness of the fabric was definitely worth all the heartache in the end!

And the final product! I feel absolutely ginormous wearing this, so I'm eagerly counting the days when I can just use it as a regular robe. :) Those days are coming, right?! Maybe?

I can't believe I actually finished this. I've always been a procrastinator, and being pregnant only makes my procrastination worse! But not only did I finish my hospital robe, I even vacuumed today! Woohoo!

Have a happy Wednesday, y'all!


  1. This is gorgeous! Bethany, you are such a beautiful pregnant mama! Wishing you the best in your upcoming labor/baby birthing/idk what it's called ;) Please do keep us updated! (p.s have you ever considered joining Instagram?)

    1. I actually do have Instagram! You can find me @bethanydurie. I'm not a very avid instagrammer, tho...
      I will definitely keep my blog updated! I have some grand schemes and a new design coming up...if I get around to it. :) thank you for your support!!!!

  2. Thats so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Awesome project! You look beautiful!

  4. This is gorgeous!!!! It's a fun twist too from the standard floral of every. single. robe. ever. (although I'm a die hard floral lover myself :D)

    If you'll pardon some nosiness - do be careful washing rayon! In my experience it's the worst thing EVER for shrinking/turning funny shapes, when it touches the slightest bit of heat. I'm sure you already knew that, but I'd hate for anything to happen to your beyond-cute labor robe that I'm really impressed you made. :)

    1. I love the floral, too! But I've never really been into wearing it. :) and thanks for the rayon tip! I'm a pro at ruining EVERYTHING in the wash, so your words of wisdom are greatly appreciated! TBH, I kinda want to avoid as much washing as possible because it's a PAIN to iron!!!! :)

  5. SO CUTE, BETHANY!! (Both you, AND that adorable robe.)

    Ack. So sweet!


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