Month 9 | Yay

Ah, the last month is here! I'm still remaining unbelievably optimistic that this babe will come early.
In the meantime, I've made some great 3rd Trimester milestones:
  • I can no longer see my toes. at. all. 
  • Which also goes to say, putting on socks and shoes is the closest thing to acrobatics I've ever achieved
  • I can sleep forever and still remain forever tired
  • I go to the doctor every week now...to be told all the signs of labor for the trillionth time
  • For real now, I freak out at every foreign tummy ache and panic, "WAS THAT A CONTRACTION?!?"
  • I basically live in the bathroom. Being pregnant also leads to the discovery of all the worst public restrooms in your city.
  • I can go a day without accomplishing anything, and I do not care at all 
  • And nothing...literally nothing...fits anymore 
I gotta go feed my baby bump.


  1. Just hold on Bethany! your almost there

  2. Oh, hahahaha!!! It sounds like so much FUN ;) You're an adorable mommy already, Bethany :D

  3. Praying for ya, you awesome woman you. ☺️💛


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