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I may not be able to bend over and put my socks on, but I *can* make my oven sparkle like my life depends on it.
Hello, 35 weeks of pregnancy!

THE NESTING INSTINCT is supposed to be another one of those magical bursts of energy.
Absolutely false.
There is nothing beautiful about to happen when one must grunt just to get off the couch. The nesting instinct falls into more of a survivalist category. You do it because you can, but you're more like the evil old witch in the fairy tale, rather than some happy Snow White.

I'm satisfied with my newly reorganized apartment, the groceries I bought, and the decorating I finished - but was it really worth the 12 hours of back pain afterwards?
That's one pregnancy fact that I can verify. #thepainisreal

I was terrified of boredom after I picked up my last paycheck, but the truth is: I'm not bored. Naps totally happen all the time, because simple activities like dinner or going to my biweekly check-up sap all my energy in one blow. I'm actually more impressed than annoyed. Seriously, I'm nailing my pathetic pregnant housewife role.
Another fact: dressing the bump gets harder every day. I mean, I thought I was huge *last* week? IT STILL GETS BIGGER.
Basically, I keep in mind these four questions and I still manage to pick out a horrific outfit. Whatever.
  • Will anyone besides Aidan see me? (if no, pajamas are a valid option)
  • Do I have a doctors appointment? (if yes, make sure to pick out the most inconvenient outfits making blood samples and baby measurements virtually impossible)
  • Is it cold outside? (irrelevant. it's always cold.)
  • Do I really feel like picking out an outfit? (in which case, automatically default to leggings and baggy sweatshirts)
Did I also mention I am now going on pinterest looking up, "what to pack in my hospital bag?" and other such scary stuff??! People keep asking me if I'm "ready" for labor or "nervous". To which I reply:
Um, nope.
I have absolutely no idea what I'm getting myself into.


  1. You've still got your sense of humor. All is well :D
    Just hang in there!

  2. This brings back memories - lol:) I was so excited to meet Haven by that point.

    Bethany. Do not fear labor. In spite of all the terrifying stories of pain and suffering that are out there: it's only one day. Don't spend the next few WEEKS dreading it. "I can do all things through Christ!"

    I'll be praying for you - it's almost over!

    1. @ Anna - It's funny, because the days have simply flown by all throughout my pregnancy...and now life has come to a COMPLETE standstill, and I'm cleaning the stove five times a day just to make an hour pass. ;) SO READY TO HAVE BABIES.

      I'll try to stay sane. :) I like to tell myself that I have a normal pain tolerance, but we shall see, I guess! You seemed to live just fine, and you've got an adorable baby to show for it! You're my inspiration. :)


  3. Bethany,

    I am so happy you've posted again! Your pics are ADORABLE. Birth is truly an amazing experience... don't let people scare you. Not that it's easy or fun, but the difficulty only shows you how strong you are, and gives you courage and heart for motherhood! You will forget any pain but you won't forget how epic your body can be or the first time you see your baby's face.



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