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Nope, there are no babies born in this post. Unfortunately.

However, I have coped with my disappointed-pregnant-emotional-wreck by picking up CSS/HTML again. I was growing a little tired of minimalistic white + blue. :) Life is changing so crazily, so it felt fitting to redesign my creative space with colors I actually love (take a wild guess at which ones!) and adding a little more whimsy.

. . .or maybe I've just been decorating the nursery for too long and it's starting to rub off on every other area in my life.

It should be no secret after my very PINK baby shower, that Aidan and I are impatiently waiting to meet our little baby girl! Unless my ultrasound technician was wrong. . .then we're a little screwed.

We've got some happy frames that are going above the crib (when we finally put it together!) and just look at that happy pregnant mom in the mirror. o_o It was actually Aidan's (he has good taste in mirrors, apparently), but I repainted the dusty black to pink. The quotes are a little nod to her name. :)

The only "finished" part of the nursery is the changing table/dresser. That particular changing table has been a staple in my parents household, and now it got passed along to me! It even has Auntie Caroline's crayon initials written on the bottom drawer (which I think is too cute to erase!)

Besides getting ready for baby decorating wise:

We both are, actually. Every time I so much as roll over in bed, he (who's usually a dead sleeper) instantly wakes up and asks if I'm okay. Every contraction throughout the day usually gets a cheer. Both of us die over youtube videos of babies. I cried watching one the other day. Not gonna lie.

To help pass the time, we've been going on super long walks, jogging up and down the stairs of a five story parking garage, and even eating disgusting hot wings for dinner.

Only a matter of time.
If babies really do come out. I'm starting to become skeptical. :)


  1. everything in this post is so cute! 😍
    and I love the blog design!!

  2. OMG. BETHANY. Your new design is amazing! Every time you roll out a new design, I am beyond impressed with your skills. So beautiful! I'm so excited for you to roll out that design business, your skills are incredible and cannot be kept to yourself! And I'm so excited for your baby girl to arrive! Wishing you all the best <3 <3

    1. Thank you Rosi! DIV elements and I have finally made a connection...as seen by the crazy fun sidebar (I *tried* to stop!!)

      I CANNOT wait for babies either!!

  3. So, I meant to get you a pale yellow or sage green car seat cover, but all they had was pink...and bright pink. So I got you pink. However, if you have the gumption to exchange the pink for a more neutral color (because Merediths are sometimes Samuels--or because you'll likely have more babies and perhaps they won't all be girls), please go ahead and do so.

    I love that Caroline's initials are in the bottom drawer. And that you kept them there. =)

    I love you and am praying for you.

    1. Ah! I LOVE pink tho. It's a habit I've tried to break, but it's easier to succumb to. ;) but I did keep the original box just in case! The baby car seat I have is a loaner and is HOT PINK BUTTERFLIES, so I'm perfectly content keeping a pink cover. And sometimes siblings have to endure pink hand me downs. Haha!

      Thank you for your prayers!! These last weeks have been a little bonkers...

  4. Awww!!!! BETHANY!!!! I'm so excited for you :D:D:D And I LOVE your "new look". By the way... How much do you charge for designing someone else's blog?


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