Pretty in Pink | Baby Shower

Two weeks before the end of October, my mother-in-law called to inform me of last minute baby shower preparations! I don't think I've ever been so excited for a party. I mean. Who doesn't love babies? And this is for my little baby!!

It was held on a Sunday afternoon after church, and all the ladies were invited! I remember being so stressed out at my bridal shower, but now that I've thoroughly met and nearly died with most of my in-laws, it was all just a happy celebration of baby girl. . .everywhere.

Both my mamas went out of their way crazy, decorating our really ugly fellowship hall and putting together fun games (we had Find the Guest as an ice breaker, trivia about Aidan and I, and a nursery rhyme contest).

Oh. And the food was pretty amazing. I mean, give me food and I'm happy. :) There was even hot apple cider, which has been a secret craving of mine. Although I read somewhere that pregnant women shouldn't drink it. Probably another lie to make pregnancy sad. *wink*

So much fun having all my sisters + sisters-in-loves there. It makes unwrapping less awkward and way more entertaining. Also, I got to keep all those cute little dresses hanging up (!!) and I just finished ironing them all last week.

And let me just say:
Holy bananas. Say "baby girl" and everyone goes bonkers. She is definitely spoiled already! I had such a great time sorting through everything the other day. We've got a diaper stock in case the apocalypse happens, plenty of baby wash to bathe five armies, and someone even tucked a packet of chocolate in there. . .

My mommies! This is their first time as grandmas, so this will be a new experience for all of us! Both of these lovely ladies gave birth to 9 kiddos each, so I'm pretty much set for whatever pregnancy/mommy question I have. Which are frequent, I assure you.

As I was looking through these photos, I got a laugh out of my belly. People have asked if I planned on taking maternity photos, but honestly. . .I do not want to remember being pregnant. This is one unhappy pregnant girl right here. The few photos I do have shall suffice perfectly for my nostalgia.

Aidan just told me this morning that my belly is as big as my body.
(He meant to say, "Your belly is the biggest part of your body", but I'm not sure which one sounds better!)
It was still meant to be endearing. And luckily, I was in an okay mood. :)



  1. I've always thought baby showers a more fun to attend that bridal showers. We threw one for a friend last year and we used onesies as bunting and had a nursury rhyme game like you. We also had a match the word baby in a foreign language to the foreign language.

  2. the Baby shower looks super fun. and you look sooooooo cute:)


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