Week 39 | Sciatic Pain + Coffee!

Well, hi. Today is 39 weeks and 5 days. I'm still baking my baby, who is starting to look for the exit out of the oven. Unfortunately, she still doesn't understand that the answer is not through my rib cage. ;)

Pregnancy yoga is now a thing. I decided to take a selfie of my endeavors, since sitting in child's pose for thirty minutes is kinda boring. I'm trying to work with gravity to turn Ella's back towards my tummy, as she is currently sitting back-to-back with me (which means really painful back labor!) She has officially "dropped" right on top of my sciatic nerve, which means labor is near and I'll have searing pain until it begins. I currently have no use of my right leg, thanks to this pinched nerve! I've been confined to the couch quilting/watching Family Feud, making frequent crawling trips to the bathroom or to wake sleeping husbands who are late for school. Today, I can limp around better and scored big by washing the pile of dirty dishes.

I also ate an entire frozen pizza, thanks to the fact that I have my stomach back since Ella has moved farther down. Still, I was mortified. *sheepish grin*

Being pregnant means that cars always stop for you at the cross walks, and you get 50% off your coffee. Just cuz. This is a picture of what I *think* is a white chocolate cookie dough chiller from Gloria Jean's Coffeehouse. The barista dude was so excited to serve a limping pregnant woman and handcrafted it special for me. It served me well for the panic attack I had sitting at the mall with useless legs + painful contractions. I seriously thought I was going into labor, but my only ride home was still finishing his work shift.
(I lost the use of my legs halfway through Aidan's lunch break, yesterday. I'm pretty sure everyone thought the security guard was escorting a random woman in labor. They looked terrified. It must've been pretty realistic, considering I was keeled over laughing/limping/crying/yelling at him to slow down. It was great. He ended up carrying me to the parking lot.)

And to tie things up, I finished the nursery for reals now! I constructed the crib all by myself in an agonizing three hours. If the Olympic committee needs ideas for new sports, crib construction should totally be a thing. I've never been so exhausted as I was after finishing this!

Now if I only had a baby to put in it!
Stay tuned. :)


  1. I remember trying to get out of bed on a pinched sciatic nerve. My feet hit the floor and I almost screamed. (Thankfully I held it in...Ethan was asleep, and I probably would've scared him to death.)

    Seriously: that mall story is hilarious. (Just cause it's so relatable...) Poor thing.

    Congrats on the crib!! I woulda left that to Ethan...I don't build things. Even with instructions.

    1. @ Anna - ah, I love you! So far, you're the first real-life person I've met who has encountered such drama. Phew. :)

      Normally I leave such things to Aidan, too. I mean really, I can barely hammer a nail straight or find the correct screw driver. But I got a little impatient and figured I'd test out my skills. The hardest part was just needing an extra pair of hands!

  2. I'm so excited to see baby Ella! I love her name too! Do you follow Allix Ruby on Instagram? I think its so funny because you two announced your pregnancy around the same time, are both due in November and she named her baby girl Ella too! I love it but its crazy amazing with all the similarities! <3

    1. @ Rosi - I don't think I follow Allix Ruby on Instagram, but I was aware we're on the same time schedule! How funny we named our girls the same - I didn't realize she had picked out a name! :D I guess Ella is the name of the year. . .

  3. Oh my goodness, Bethany, I feel for you!!! :/ You don't sound too comfortable right now. But SOON!!! Not too much longer to wait. And it will be SO worth it in the end, as I know you know :P Keep it up!!
    Also, I could just totally picture that mall story. Seriously, that was hilarious!


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