Mommyhood | Don't Wake the Baby!

It took me three weeks to learn the secret for a sleepy Ella: womb noises. Today I have made coffee, ate breakfast, brushed my hair, actually picked out an outfit, and tidied up the house all while she sleeps soundly in bed next to my phone (which is turned up on full blast.)
It's truly a miracle.
I mean, six hours ago I was crying in bed because we were still awake and I realized it was 5:30am.

Babies are precious. All those baby doll days finally have come true for me! I've got this adorable munchkin who only wants me. I don't have to panic and find the mom to save this baby crying in my arms. ;) We have sleepovers, run errands together, and play under the Christmas tree lights together at midnight.

Unfortunately, mothering isn't very textbook. I think I've broken just about every single mommy no-no there is. We co-sleep because from day one she wouldn't sleep alone. We used pacifiers like day two. We canceled doctors appointments because baby and mom were tired. And I drink coffee.
Lots and lots of coffee.

By the way, this post is going to be very chaotic because I'm on a baby schedule. I may or may not proof-read this, so continue at your own risk. :)

Daddyhood | Aidan is still working full time and finishing school for this semester. It's hard to find the fine balance between being a mommy and being a wifey (although I think with newborn, the only option is to be 100% mommy 24/7.) We almost never have a real supper. Or lunch. Or breakfast. But he's pretty forgiving and still manages to cuddle a fussy baby so mommy can have ten minutes of alone time (devoted to showering baby spit up off.) But goodness. There is nothing so sweet as watching a guy interact with his daughter. Aidan always was on the sappy side, but put him next to Ella...it's adorable.

Ella a.k.a. Muffins a.k.a Snuffle Bug a.k.a. Lala | She loves to cuddle. I'm occasionally able to do some housework/feel pretty for a day if she's in the mood for a ride in the sling. Not gonna lie though, it really kills the shoulders! Also, how do babies fit in the womb? Just how. It can't be comfortable.

Breastfeeding | And no this won't get awkward. And yes, it's like how I spend most of my day and all of my night.
That's why Netflix is a thing.

This is Ella a few days old...

And now two weeks old! What a chub. :)

Well, my time is up as my babe has awoken.
Happy Tuesday everyone.
It is Tuesday, right?
It's Wednesday.



  1. she is so cute!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Aww, so cute! I like that 4th picture especially. Glad you're enjoying motherhood. :)

  3. She is totes adorbs, and so are you and Aidan!
    And I think the only Mommy-rule that should be indisputable is: get all the time you can with her, because they grow up suuuuper fast :D

    1. That sounds like a good rule that I can keep. :D

  4. Oh my gosh, she is SO precious!!!!! Seriously, she's two weeks old already??? :( I still haven't seen/held her!

    1. Actually three weeks yesterday!!! :( She's officially out of newborn clothes that swallowed her when she was born...

    2. Goodness Sweets!!! LOL. It's amazing/sad how fast they grow :/ But it's got to be so much fun!!!

  5. It is such a blessing to see you mother your little one. You are doing a great job. Enjoy every minute of it. I love all the sweet pictures, but I have to say: the one of Aidan with his newborn daughter is priceless. Mommies and Daddies are so important--I'm proud of both of you!

    1. I know! He still doesn't know I took that picture though... :)

    2. Great Father's Day gift 2017!

  6. Aww!!! How fun to have your own little cuddlebug!!! You seem so happy as a mommy, and that makes me happy. :)

  7. Your little Ella is absolutely precious! :)


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