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I can cut my own side bangs! Let's throw a Grinch Christmas Party, too!

Such sentences resemble the Pandora's box of dangerous thoughts young nursing mothers have with too much time on their hands. I'm debating trying out for a local play as well, but who am I kidding with a two month old baby? But while nursing, I entertain such thoughts fondly and I even almost believe myself. So, after looking up, "side bangs diy" on pinterest for two weeks during nursing sessions, I felt licensed enough to take a precious hour of alone time to chop chop in the bathroom.
After a few chops...
and more chops...
...and more chops, I decided my hair cutting career was over. Forever. I also remembered how much I hated side bangs. Luckily, I stopped before any more damage was done.
In all reality, they don't look too horrible, but I did get hair all over the bathroom I meticulously cleaned for the first time in months...

Half my life explained in one glorious spit up mark. :)

In other news, we sat next to the senior pastor and wife today and my baby totally blew her diaper RIGHT in the middle of prayer. I'm pretty sure everyone heard my baby's rather sacrilegious, irreverent prayer to God (but I'm *almost* sure He must've laughed just as hard as Aidan and I did.)

I'm trying to start up a home business. Let's see how that nursing reverie works out. Although in all fairness, Ella was a little angel during our first practice business session of printing out terms of agreement and stuff. She looked at her books and spat up all over the floor contentedly. So yay. More on that later.

I went grocery shopping by myself for the first time yesterday. I naively told myself Ella would sleep in her car seat the whole time, so I didn't bring my baby carrier. She woke up as soon as we crossed into the chaos of a Saturday in Walmart. I ended up dragging my cart (which had MILK IN IT!) and balancing a fussy baby on my other arm. Thankfully, her cuteness won over the various shoppers I kept colliding into. Even the employees didn't seem to mind when I knocked down the Cheetos display. Despite forgetting to buy egg noodles, I prevailed and made it out alive, baby and groceries in tow.

Well, Grandmimi is carrying a fussy babe and my free time is coming to a close, as is this blog post. And since my life is always crazy and unfinished (like the laundry in the dryer and the dishes in the sink) I'm just going to leave this post raw and unfinished as well.



  1. I love how real and honest your posts are. :) Keep up the great work! It sounds like Ella has a fantastic mommy.

    1. @ Natalie - Doesn't get any more real than my crazy. :)

  2. Awe! Ella is such a cutie! I have a question Bethany... your side tab says blog designs coming soon... so you plan on making designs for people? Because I just started a blog and I would like to get a custom design but I didn't know people could do that...

    1. @ Misty - oh yeah, that! I put that up before I had a baby. :D I used to do blog designs every once in a while. It might still be a while. :) But if there was something you wanted to change, I would be more than happy to show you. :)

  3. I just wanted to see if I can change my background image? With HTML?


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